Silly stisters.

It’s good to know you’ve got silly stisters, and that they’ve got your back. Especially after a tough week.

I took this great selfie of us while at the Adventure Park, befittingly…


And this one of the girls back at Kim’s apartment. It looks like any other shot I might make them take, but what makes me smile is the story behind the outfits. They hoodwinked into buying them these soft (leather? rawhide?) shirts from Justice, and the matching duster sweaters. Matching outfits, you guys. From the duo who won’t stop arguing and wants nothing to do with being related to the other one.


So there’s hope for them, that they’ll grow into the YaYa-ness of being stisters, is what I’m saying. The silly – well, they’ve had that down for awhile.


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