The family cookout that we nearly got kicked out of.

Today was a busy day. We had to drive all the way to my mum’s house, drop off the kiddos, run to the store to get beach towels and assorted things (uh, like a bunch of clothes for Bee that accidentally fell into the cart. But: leggings! and cool shirts!), then go back to mum’s and get ready for the family cookout. Every year, one of my aunts (and uncles) throws the most marvelous cookouts and everyone comes. I get to catch up with what’s going on, and usually (uh, always) there is way, way, way too much laughing. I found out after we left that we were, in fact, rebuked for being too punch-drunk. False: we were just that funny.

I also made sure to get pictures with all of my aunts and uncles…

And with my hilarious cousins…

We had such a fun time! The girls got to swim, and boy were they exhausted when it was time to leave. We spent a quick minute at Grandma’s getting our things, and then hit the road. And the girls maybe took advantage of Auntie Rhi…


I mean, maybe. Ahem. We woke them up for dinner at one of our favorite dinners. And we feasted!


Then we came home again (jiggity jig) and my sister oh so innocently told me we have wine. I think she’s trying to kill me. Because:


I’m too scared to close my eyes, you guys. But by golly, I’ll try. Because TIRED. Vacation is tiring!


2 Responses to “The family cookout that we nearly got kicked out of.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Such fun! And you sister may be the best!

  2. Care Says:

    LOVE the wine! TOO FUN

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