Five for Friday.

I’ve been missing this week. My heart has been filled with all of the crazy spilling out of this world, and then there has been the political rumblings, making us all a little crazier, and then there’s some work stuff, and OH! Hey! The fact that I’m leaving on vacation in 10 hours!

(Vacation prep is busy, exciting work.)

Still, five things is sacred. Five things motivates me to write even when there’s nothing to write about. (God bless bullet points.) Let’s see if we can find some.

1. I’m very hopeful that I can post something every day while on vacation. You might just get a “Five for…” every day, along with a picture. Who knows! A lot will be going on; it will just depend on how emotionally exhausted I am at the end of each day, and how good my wifi is. Okay, more realistically that should read: whether the wine glass is closer than the wifi connection when I sit down at the end of the day.

2. I am still planning on using the hell out of my data plan. In other words, Internet friends: you are going to be my lifeline this week. My sisters are awesome and I’m sure we will share many looks, games of rummy, and colored pencils as we color our way to some semblance of sanity, but even so, conversing with your mom through Parkinson’s and dementia can get to a girl. Twitter is going to be my best friend this week. (As is ice cream.) [I wrote and erased this bullet a number of times. Then I decided: it’s okay to ask for help. Asking for help and admitting things are hard help erase the stigma. So, yes: I will need help this week. It’s healthy, it’s normal, and it’s okay.]

3. I am going to spoil the girls rotten. Unless they start sniping at each other like they did in the car yesterday, and then I’ll maybe threaten to leave them at their aunt’s house all day.

4. I’ve fallen into a book: Gilly Macmillan’s What She Knew. I might have to borrow the girls’ Kindle to finish it so I don’t run down the battery on my phone. Needing to find out what happens next is the best place to be when you’re facing a long travel day! I’m also bringing SK’s Dreamcatcher, The Other Side, by Lacy M. Johnson, and some other thriller The Woods or Through the Woods or something that has a creepy cover in black and white and whose name I can’t think of to save my life. So! I will read well.

5. I have a million-and-six things to do between when I get home after my half day of work and when we leave to get on the plane. And yet how much do you think I’m going to blow off to scratch out this last minute playlist that’s bouncing around my head? Maybe if I write down the songs now…

Wish me luck and a safe, non-turbulent plane ride. I can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures!


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I have missed you this week. It is difficult to ask for help but it is such a relief when you do. Have a wonderful trip. Safe travels.

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