The StitchFix with the new stylist.

I’m not sure if I was the catalyst or not: after my last Fix’s less-than-stellar (but not unusually so) showing, I received an email inviting me to take a survey. One of the few questions asked me if I would switch stylists if I could. I was stuck for a moment. Loyalty is pretty big for me. My stylist was terrible, even if we weren’t exactly a match made in heaven. I didn’t want her to get in trouble – there had, after all, been a few boxes where I kept the entire Fix. But then there were boxes where she seemed to ignore every suggestion I made. And there-in lied the problem: my Fixes were crazy random. I didn’t feel like my stylist was learning anything about me so much as she was trying to float whatever was available in my size. Maybe that’s as good as this service is going to get. We’ll see. I’ve found some amazing pieces, so I’m happy I’ve done it. I’m just getting closer to pulling the parachute.

That being said, let’s see what my new stylist sent me. I asked for bright summery shirts in happy colors and/or prints, especially featuring coral, reds, pinks, kelly green, or warm teals or cobalts. I said I was looking for a go-to pair of gold earrings that were not too funky, not too basic. And funky cardigans in red or summer-purple that weren’t standard-issue boxy cardigans.

The first thing I opened were the earrings. I loved them!


I did notice immediately that they weren’t gold, like I had asked, but there was enough gold in them that I could wear them with gold. Still worth a sigh. I was leaning towards keeping them until I saw that they were forty-four dollars. Who here thinks I can’t walk into Charming Charlies and beat that? So they were only worth it if they were free with the rest of the box.

Next was a dress in the exact kelly green shade I’ve been lusting after.

I really liked the way it felt, though the elastic waist wasn’t doing me any favors from the back. The cutout neckline front and back looked awesome and provided a lot of fun detail. I liked it! And the price wasn’t ridiculous.

Next was a fun top in a coral print that I’ve had on my StitchFix Pinterest board forever…

I like where the hemline sits (finally!), I love the bright summery color and the fun pattern. I’m not crazy about the fit being gapey and not showing off my curves, but it wasn’t as Mother-Cluck-ish as some of the others have been. It was my favorite piece.

Then there was this not-so-great shirt. In fact, I hated the pattern. Hated.


It’s just not me. Plus there’s the fact that while the material was much softer and had more contour-fitting cotton, the shirt didn’t work any magic on me. And the length was a little awkward. (Yes, I know I’m short and I ask a lot of my shirts, but if I’m paying this much money for people and shirts to do that, I’m okay with being a bit demandsy!) The shirt was a complete miss for me.

Lastly, there was a cardigan, but nothing special. I have one in almost this exact shade. That, and for a request for anything-but-basic, I thought the cardigan was boxy and plain. I wanted something that screamed summer fun!


The only other item of note was where my new stylist suggested pairing the two shirts with white pants to make them pop.  …  I have written down in my style guide that I can’t wear white and I’ve sent back white pants and shirts before saying I can’t wear white. So that kinda bugged that she performed so little research into my style background and history.

So. I would have kept the earrings, dress, and coral shirt if the world was magic or I was made of money. Since I’m not keeping the entire box, the earrings don’t make any kind of sense. The dress and the shirt together would be $120, and I can’t justify spending that kind of money when it would be $170 for the entire box. So I have to pick one. Thoughts? I adore that green on me, but I think the shirt fits better and will get more wear. Plus, their dresses are usually hits whereas their shirts are hit or miss. So I feel like the shirt is more of a win. I’m leaning more towards Team Shirt unless you convince me otherwise…


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5 Responses to “The StitchFix with the new stylist.”

  1. Liza Says:

    SHIRT! I love the shirt very much!

  2. Kathy Says:

    I LOVE the shirt and I think the dress looks fab. The earrings are amazing but you can likely find something similar for less. Mostly I adore how angry you look in the blue pattern top. You can tell from your expression you don’t love it. If you only get to keep one – keep the shirt.

  3. kimttu Says:

    I like the shirt! Have you looked at Target or Old Navy for a green dress? They’ve both had a lot and they’ve been $15 lately. Also Soma if you hit the sale rack or outlet, you can get a steal!! They are the best dresses ever!!!! (I wear them daily!)

  4. Andi M. (@estellasrevenge) Says:

    Definitely team shirt! That color and pattern are beautiful on you! Sorry the cardi was a miss. SO. BASIC. Wth, stylist?

  5. Burghbbay Says:

    Definitely the shirt!

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