Five for Friday.


1. Are we ever going to be able to have five happy-g0-lucky bullet points ever again? A Friday when we’re not in mourning? A Friday when we’re not calling for peace, kindness, empathy, and understanding? A Friday where our hearts aren’t so heavy, they’re resting on the floor?

2. Given the previous, I really want nothing more than to curl up in bed with a book or three (and a mimosa or three) and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist. Stupid, silly, demanding outside (weaponized) world.

3. I was going to tell you that I got a new Kindle Fire for the girls for vacation so that they don’t have to share. I was going to tell you it was in a bright and cheery color, and that the cover is artsy and happy, and how the girls’ faces lit up when I told them. I was going to tell you about the fabulous deal I got, because: Prime Day. But: see earlier entry about stupid, senseless world.

4. Also, if this wasn’t another Black Friday, I would tell you how Gracie pitched to me that they should be able to pack their own carry-ons this year. She doesn’t mean it in a Mama-stop-being-so-controlling kinda way, but in a…well, okay, yes she does a little. It’s just that I’ve grouped things together before: one backpack has all of my stuff; one backpack has snacks, wipes, and extra clothes; one with all of their entertainment. Gracie would prefer this year that she have a backpack with her snacks, books, magazines, etc. And that Bee have hers. I didn’t quite answer, “Fine.” But almost. They get their backpacks, anyway.

5. I also won’t tell you that the planning has started, like whoa. Along with a list of books and magazines, there are games and apps and snacks and outfits. Bee has picked the new Lumberjanes graphic novel that just came out and the two Percy Jackson installments that Auntie Kim bought for her two weeks ago. Gracie is still wailing that the Harry Potter play won’t be out in time for the ride up, but it has been promised for the way back. I’ve also told them they can have $20 to spend on movies or new apps for their Kindles, but they have to budget appropriately. It’s fun watching them squirm over how to split everything. Mwa ha!

So there. Five. Five things. Five small distractions from the madness, hoping it helps me (and you) get through the day.



One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    It helps. Thank you!

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