How you know it’s summer…

It must be gettin’ hot around here because Stepmom convinced the girls to get their hair cut! The girls (Tween Gracie Action Figure, especially) refuse when I suggest such things.

“Long hair looks better, Mom,” she says.

“I like long hair, Mom,” she says.

But the color is fading and it’s 200° outside, I say.

Doesn’t matter – long hair, don’t care attitudes have upper limits, apparently. Either that, or Stepmom is even more magical than Tween Angst. (Guess which I’m banking on…)



Even cuter than the pic may have been Gracie’s excited twee-ing before hand. “Going to get our hair done!!!” read 23493945 texts beforehand. And I gushed right back because isn’t that exactly what every tween should have? A mama (or two) who gushes right back and makes them feel understood and adored?

She does look fabulous. They both do. Even if I kinda miss the funky colors!


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2 Responses to “How you know it’s summer…”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Saw their new hair on fb and sent G the pic of her and said “you don’t look like a kid anymore waaaah!”. even half way across the country i could see her beaming! Also it should be noted that Grandma Donna has a lot of white haaaaiir, and we have an Ulta up here =0D

  2. Kathy Says:

    They look fab!

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