Happy Fourth, Casa de Katie style!

A small happy tale from our day:

Our clan had a big cookout with friends new and old yesterday afternoon, and so today we spent lounging, then Kim, Jeff, and I went to visit a new restaurant/bar for good eats and drinks in the trendy West 7th area.

Then, we visited this creeptastic haunted mansion that Kim and I want to convince Chip (and Joanna) to fixer-upper for us. (But, did I mention how haunted that place is?! There will be more on this later…)

After that, we picked up the girls for a little dinner and family fun time. And what did we do with our family fun time? We played Apples to Apples.

Now, I might have mentioned before, but when my family plays Apples to Apples, we all argue our case for why our card should win. It’s much funnier. You have Bee reenacting skits and making you laugh until you pee your pants (Card: “Clever.” Bee’s card: “Zipper.” To which Bee deadpans: “Because they changed. the world.” WIN!) It’s hilarious!

And then we played the card “Flaw.”

Kim played the card “Haiku.”

Confused? Just wait – she then recited (with just two minutes to decide how to play it):

“Some folks don’t have wit,
Consume, but don’t produce it.
These are major flaws.

Jeff immediately appended: “Bullshit!”

To which I replied, “No, that’s two extra syllables.”

Bee: “What’s a haiku?”

Kim: “It’s a type of poem that has five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line.”

Gracie: “…and two syllables in the fourth line, if you’re Jeff.”

My family, you guys – I loves them! I hope your Fourth was spent surrounded by you and yours!



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One Response to “Happy Fourth, Casa de Katie style!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Fun, fun, fun. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

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