The likes and dislikes of Bee on her 10th birthday.

Bee-girl! Ten?! Ten?!!!? On one hand, I have a hard time imagining my baby reaching any sort of grown-uppish age (even if I console myself by reminding myself that she’s still so little, she can’t yet receive her Hogwarts letter); but on the other, I know Bee is ready. She has grown up so much this past year and is ready to go out there and make a place for herself! She’s my cuppa-cake and I love her to pieces.

10 Things Bee-Girl Loves Almost As Much As Bacon:

1. Staying up late and sleeping in. Yes, my 12-year-old does a lot of negotiating for this, but it’s Bee who collapses inward when the arguments don’t work. She’s a night owl – so much so that I hardly ever mind letter her stay up late because I hardly ever have to pay for it the next day!

2. Cooking is still Bee-girl’s desired profession. She loves helping me make dinner, even if she doesn’t like what we’re making. Her favorite way to spoil me is to make me an omelette for dinner – and her omelette’s are good!

3. Meatloaf and candy are Bee’s favorite foods. She loves eggs and peanut butter and jelly. Chicken broth is always a good go-to, as is rice. She’s my picky eater, but I guess I’ll keep her anyway.

4. Reading! I know – who would have guessed?! Bee prefers graphic novels, and so I like to supply her with them. She’s read her way through all of the books I had put aside for her birthday, and then tried a few of my “grown-up” graphic novels (but found the one she tried to be too creepy and gory). [It was Joe Hill’s Locke & Key.] I highly encourage this trend of rewriting classic tales in graphic novel formats – I can get Bee to read any of them!

5. Mothering everyone. I don’t think this will ever change! Bee loves taking care of me when I’m sick, watching out for her niece, and helping out the X-man with whatever he has going on. She’s a natural helper with a kind and soft heart and I adore that about my little girl!

6. Making Music.lys. The girl love, love, loves making music videos on her app and I love seeing how her brain works when I see what she’s created. She’s very inventive! And her sense of humor comes through each and every one. She can’t help herself!

7. Her fairy gardens! They are near and dear to Bee’s heart. A few months ago Bee asked if she and Gracie could sit out front to rearrange the fairy gardens and make them pretty (and not so much like ghettos). So she got a bunch more stuff to decorate for her birthday and ooooh, everything looks so pretty! It helps that Auntie Kim was here to help everyone get everything all set up – it’s much more up her alley than mine. But it is definitely up Bee’s! Because Bee has decided that every age is the age for believing in magic. She ain’t never gonna stop.

8. Kinda tied in, but Bee-girl loves exploring all of nature. She loves going frog-hunting and finding snakes tucked in behind the logs in our backyard. She loved seeing the baby birds learn to fly and never seems to want to take a walk until I mention that we might see something interesting. I wish I had any number of swamps and woods and nature nooks for her to explore!

9. She is still my fashionista! Bee has more shoes and clothes than any other two people I know. She isn’t always fond of her sister’s hand-me-downs, but she loves mixing up outfits and angling for a new pair of shoes. When she isn’t concocting an outfit to wear, she’s drawing them. She and her friends draw outfits and fashions for hours on end, and Bee has more books on fashion than you would believe! Her favorite ones are the oversized ones that she can trace outfits from – we’ve all been styled by Bee and given sheets with our “outfits” copied out.

10. Hiding in the reading nook behind the chair. If you can’t find Bee (and that girl is good at being quiet), check the nook. She likes to hide back there to read, to study her fashions, to play on her phone. It’s her favorite hiding spot and getting somewhere quiet to recharge is one of Bee’s favorite activities.


10 Things Bee Would Gladly Drop Off the Nearest Cliff:

1. The clock the Xman uses to tell if it’s time to get up in the mornings. The clock tick-tick-ticks and I think Bee twitches every time she hears a tick. It’s the first thing she moves into the living room when the Xman leaves. She loathes it.

2. Meats. Bee is mostly a vegetarian. She won’t eat steak or chicken or pork – although the girl does enjoy a good ham dinner. It makes it tough on both of us at dinnertime, but since the kiddo has been pretty consistent about it since she was little, I’ve made peace with what she will or will not eat.

3. Getting bossed around by her sister. The girls get along for the most part, but I do occasionally need to step in. They hear an awful lot of “Was that kind?” Bee has learned to speak up for herself, and while I applaud that, it doesn’t mean she needs to wield her wicked sharp tongue quite as well. She can be nasty, and I don’t like that. So we’re working on speaking up for ourselves without destroying our opponent – even if they’re wrong.

4. Going out to eat. Because she’s a picky eater, Bee will literally moan if you mention we’re going out to eat for dinner. You’d think I’d jump for joy at the idea of staying home, but sometimes we gotta and finding a place where Bee will eat isn’t the easiest!

5. Putting away clothes neatly. For the love of god, sweet baby Bee, PUT YOUR CLOTHES AWAY NEATLY! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened her drawer and had to stop what I was doing and fix things. She has so many clothes and that’s part of the problem. But being a lazybum who wants to just shove her clothes in there and go do something fun is a bigger part of the problem, perhaps.

6. Feeling unheard. Bee has gotten so much better at speaking up for herself, but she’s still working on understand when things don’t go her way that it’s not always because she’s unheard or underrepresented. Sometimes it’s because she doesn’t get to have her way. Or because we have to do it a different way. Getting overruled isn’t the same as not being heard. Even when it feels that way and panicky butterfly wings start fluttering around her heart.

7. This new “No gymnastics in the house” rule. Bee used to do handsprings and cartwheels and splits and bounces and flips in the living room. She has trouble staying still. But since the X-man doesn’t have Bee’s sense of grace and we had to outlaw it for the five-year-old set who didn’t know how not to almost kick over the TV, we had to outlaw it for everyone. And Bee is not happy, even though she’s trying to understand to make her exhausted mama happy.

8. Writing anything creative. Bee will draw and she can write – she earned the Most Improved award from school. She got over her fear of school and learned to love to read. But writing? You’d have thought I told her I was going to pull out her fingernails when I told her she had to write summaries for her summer reading. Thinking critically is not Bee’s bag. She’d much rather think creatively and descriptively.

9. Moving at any speed other than her own. Bee has one speed: Bee’s Speed. You can’t make her move slower, faster, or any other way other than how she’s already jiving. Trust me – 10 years now of trying.

10. Disappointing anyone. Bee is very much her own person – I don’t ever, ever, EVER worry about her. But she still likes to make her people happy. If she thinks she disappointed someone, she’s crumble in on herself and no one is harder on herself than Bee-girl. She wants to save the day, not inspire lectures.

And there it is. The smallest, teeniest, tiniest glimpse of the wonder that is my ten-year-old. I cannot wait to see what this year holds for her!


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One Response to “The likes and dislikes of Bee on her 10th birthday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Bee! I hope she had a wonderful day.
    Has Bee read the Amulet series? If not, I do believe that is one she would enjoy.

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