Surprise! (Redux.)

All the things! have been going on this weekend. There was recovering from kidney stone surgery (and all that entails) and my ensuing break from work, and weekends with kiddos (and all the chaos that entails), and all manner of things. Oh, and then there was the fetching of the auntie from the airport and surprising the kiddo.


Yeah, remember how when Gracie turned ten, we surprised her with an Auntie Kim? She came home and opened her bedroom door to put away her shoes, and Auntie Kim was just sitting there? And Gracie cried with happiness and it was amazing? We had to do the same for Bee-girl. So Jeff took Bee and the X-man out to Petsmart to look at puppies and I too Gracie (who insisted on coming with me) to go get Auntie Kim from the airport. We got her, rushed home, stashed her in Bee’s room, and gave Jeff the all clear.

When Bee came home, she went to her room to put her shoes away. I tried to follow her in a surreptitious manner, but I think she caught on. Because she kept looking backwards at me, all suspiciously, like I was going to tickle her or something. The point is that when Bee opened the door, she didn’t see Auntie Kim, because she was staring at me, with eyes narrowed. When Bee started backing towards the bed, I thought she had guessed and was doing it on purpose.

Nope. Turns out when Bee stuck out her hand and grabbed Auntie Kim’s foot, she had no idea. I had no idea how the kid didn’t jump ten feet. Auntie Kim said it tickled like hell, but there was no way she was going to yell and scare the bejeezus out of Bee! But Bee finally turned around and saw her surprise, and there was much laughing and merriment. (Except for the X-man – he was quite confused. But we explained.)

It was a good way to start a birthday week. A very good way, indeed.



One Response to “Surprise! (Redux.)”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love your family and these wonderful surprises. Kim should have screamed – now that would have been a surprise.

    Happy Birthday Bee!! Enjoy your week.

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