Five for Friday.

It’s Friday!! At least…I think it’s Friday. I haven’t had the most routine week. I had pre-op work and then my surgery, and then my recovery, and then a complication. So…It’s Friday? Let’s see how many things I can get through before I fall asleep again.

1  For the first Friday in recent memory, I am KIDNEY STONE FREE!! Yes, it had to happen surgically, but it’s done. Good riddance, damn stone. You were the bane of my existence for so long. Still, you were proof that I can deal with a goodish bit of pain. For four-plus weeks, I missed very little work and parented my girls. I managed. Which is why I’m cutting myself some slack while I deal with…

2  The stent of horrific, horrible, terrible, unbearable pain. I will never get a stent again, unless you convince me that it’s stent or death. Even then I might pause. You guys – I CANNOT handle this. I was supposed to be back to work today. Maybe not at 100%, but able to power through. Nope. I couldn’t even sit down. I couldn’t lie down. I wedged a heating pad against my bladder and kidney, pumped myself with meds, and still couldn’t manage anything other than breathing. Most people with stents feel discomfort. A small number can’t tolerate them at all. Guess which group I’m in. Cursed from top to bottom, you guys.

3  Gracie and Bee have been amazing. I looked forward to seeing them every night. Today they did laundry and made me dinner. Bee gave me a massage. Gracie got up early to make sure I was okay when Jeff went to work. They let Fenway in and out without complaining and played chess and checkers with me. So when I took a risk and tried driving (to see if I could yet), I bought the girls a popsicle mold that they admired when we walked by. And then some sprite and gummy bears fell into the cart. The girls had a blast with such a simple summer project. And I smiled for the first time in days watching them have fun.

4  Speaking of smiling, I got the sweetest postcard in the mail from my friend Care! She knows how I adore hedgehogs and it was such a surprise to find when I came home from the hospital. My village has been the best! Friends from home, my family, my book community on Twitter, work friends – I couldn’t have done it without the hugs and support from everyone. Kidney stone surgery seems so small, but when anxiety gets involved… It meant a lot, the support.

5  All of my thoughts are with my family, back home. Today was the funeral for my Uncle David who passed away this past weekend. I miss them. I hate that I couldn’t go home. I hate that I can’t live back home. And so I’m sending all my love and thoughts to Auntie Carol, Michelle, Heather, Matt, and their families. I miss and love you.

There you have it, guys. My five for Friday that my Gracie-girl made me write. Stay tuned this weekend – I have a lot more adventures I think will go down. Not including the selfies Gracie is currently taking on my phone… I gotta go rescue the phone. Or her. Or something. Have a good weekend everyone!


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Care Says:

    Aw, life can really suck sometimes and then sometimes, it is awesome. I guess we get to ride a roller coaster. Sorry about your uncle and the extra pain of not being with family during this time.

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