Five for Friday.

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s tough to find the motivation when you still haven’t passed the kidney stone from hell and you’re doing little else besides trying to make it through the work day, drown yourself in water, and visit the loo every ten minutes (because holy waterboarding, batman). Let’s see if I can summon five things…

1. Yes, I still have my kidney stone. Surgery has been moved up to the 22nd. Here’s hoping I make it that far.

2. I started reading The Long Shadows of Small Ghosts by Laura Tillman, about a couple in Brownsville, Texas who murdered their three young children. It’s a disturbingly fascinating account of social justice, class, race, and what burdens astoundingly poor communities bear. Is there such a thing as an “inescapable” crime if generations of people are raised in inescapable conditions? Does the community bear any responsibility? How do we change the pattern? I’m only a few chapters in, but I recommend very much so far.

3. Hospitals need to have better cell signals. I ended up at the emergency room one day this week. I made plans for Jeff to come pick me up, telling him I’d text him when I was about to be discharged. Except after I had been taken back to the room and had a CT scan and the like, the nurse informed me that they needed to have my ride there before they could treat me. And then I couldn’t get a text out to Jeff. Seven hours (and crappy CT results) later, I drove myself. Sans treatment.

4. Barbie patterns have arrived for the Bee-child. Summer projects are afoot.

5. My girls are ruthless. I felt bad that I haven’t been able to do much, unless it’s from the couch. Or doesn’t require moving. They’ve been good about it – doing laundry and recycling and cooking for me when I ask. But I was feeling neglectful and so I suggested a game of cards. I was thinking rummy or war or something like that. But, oh no – my girls sense weakness and suggest Spoons, knowing I won’t be able to launch much of an offensive if I need to grab a spoon from the table. Those kids!

That’s it for me. Keep your fingers crossed that maybe next Friday I will be writing five non-kidney stone-related things!!


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