A perfect summer evening down memory lane.

I didn’t mean to send us down rabbit holes, twisting and turning down memory lane. I found an old nightgown while I was looking for some yoga pants and I thought Gracie might want the nightgown. She’s not really a nightgown person, but you never know. The nightgown in question had maybe been worn once, and I didn’t even remember buying it. It clearly had the fancy “VS” script on the front, and it’s possible I got it as a free gift while Christmas shopping, but who knows when that was. It’s been sitting on the bottom of my pajama drawer for years.

Gracie took one look at what I was holding up, and then turned back to me. “Can I cut it?” she asked.

“Of course!” I told her. I might have hesitated for half a beat, but I don’t think she noticed. It was a very quick yes. Maybe the nightgown could have been worth $45, but was anyone going to wear it? No. Would my mom have let us cut up an old piece of clothing? Absolutely. My mom might have her faults (who of us doesn’t?), but she was awesome about letting us find out own fun and experiment with crafts any which way our hearts wanted.

Gracie didn’t wait around. She quickly explained that she might tuck the sleeves and snip a little from here and a little from there, and she rushed off. A few minutes later, she bounded back into the room with the cutting board that I forgot we even owned. She used clothes pins to clip the material to the board and my fabric tape measure to make lines and notes in sharpie.

That’s when Bee passed through the room and asked what was going on. Before long, she had spent her Michael’s gift certificate on Barbie patterns online and negotiated the scraps of material from Gracie. She pulled out the straight pins (“You know, Mom – from the apple? I mean, tomato? But not the real one!” Heh – the look on Jeff’s face!) and the safety pins (which ended up allllll over the floor because no craft session at Casa de Katie goes unpunished, but at least her sister offered to help without being asked), and then whipped up a creation with the material she had on hand.

It was an impromptu sewing night, in the very best way. I love that my girls have my family’s crafting genes and think nothing of whipping up creations. I love that when they asked, I was smart enough to stop and think about how my mom or Auntie Cheryl would have answered. It was fun telling all the stories to Jeff. [Jeff: What’s that? Me: A cutting board. We used it to pin patterns, race matchbox cars, build forts…] And the results are cute! We still need to pull out my sewing machine and teach them how to use it (I think Bee already knows, but it’s been awhile), but the pinned pieces are fabulous!

Not a bad way to spend an early summer night!



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One Response to “A perfect summer evening down memory lane.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love, love, love!! There is nothing more to say.

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