The StitchFix that brought the red, but forgot the fun.

I should have guessed after the last StitchFix box was such a hit that this one would fall flat. It already had a huge disadvantage showing up during the worst few days (so far) of my kidney stone – the box sat unopened on my floor for almost three days before I summoned the energy to open it. I just wasn’t in the mood to try clothes on and feel like a rock star. But eventually I had to. Deadlines loom!

I sent instructions to my stylist that I was looking for summer khakis (which I’ve found since then – shhhh) and maybe some items in the bright reds and corals that are popping all over the place. I saw lots of cute patterns on the Pinterest boards and their style pages. They all looked so happy and would balance out all the kelly green I got last time. I also mention that I was willing to pay a little more for the pants, as they’re a staple (and a pricey one at that), but I was fairly broke, so to try to keep cost down this time. My stylist responded that she was out of khakis, so she made this an all-top selection. But I love tops! This could still be fun!

Here’s what I got:


At least it’s a pattern. The fit was okay, and the cotton blend was comfortable, but…meh. This is a shirt I would pick out on my own to try – a safe, two-color “pattern” that wears more like a neutral. I like the detail on the shoulders, but I feel like it’s a basic tshirt. And I think I have scrapbook paper that is exactly the same. Underwhelmed.

Next item:


Remember that white and red/orange dress that my stylist sent me a few boxes back? The one that was the same as the purple one she sent (and very close to one I already owned)? I explained that I don’t do well with white and orange together – I look washed out and pasty. And that’s just what this tank does. The back is solid white, too, so when I turn around, it looks like I don’t have a shirt on – just blinding white from my waist up. The fit isn’t very flattering and I don’t know when I would ever wear this.

Next shirt looked a little more like something I would have asked them to send:

It still wasn’t quite the happy POP! of bright coral, but I like the peachy-orange and navy color combo that’s going on this summer. I wish it was orangey-er (did those words really just come outta my mouth?), but the pattern was closer than the first two shirts. Of course, the fit was too boxy on me, and a bit grabby with the back fat (love the curves, dear shirt, don’t pinch the curves), so I’m still not keeping it. But at least it was the kind of shirt I like trying on!

Next was one definitely closer to my taste:

The shirt on the left is the one from my Fix. The shade of red is much more my style! It’s a fancy date shirt, a good classic little number that I could wear under any number of things. Plus, it’s (apparently) reversible with the coral side underneath. I don’t know what we do with the label when we reverse it, but meh. I’m not keeping it, so it doesn’t matter. Because the shirt on the right is one I already own. Different, yes, but the same enough that I can’t justify spending $40 on a shirt. The fit is perfect, though, and the fabric is comfortable.

The final shirt was a big problem:


I’m sure the Balki look from Perfect Strangers is for some people, but not me. I don’t like the color, the sleeves don’t-fold weird at the bottom where the cuff loop is, and I’m not a fan of the contrasting metal buttons. The shade is good on me, but another shirt without a pattern? I get that she’s trying to mix a few patterns with a few classic pieces, but this was a hyooge miss for me.

Womp wah. I guess it doesn’t matter so much that I’m broke and cranky this month because I’m not keeping anything. The good news is that I’ll have a little extra money to buy Bee some clothes for her birthday coming up. The other good news is that my next box will probably be much better now that my expectations are lowered again!


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3 Responses to “The StitchFix that brought the red, but forgot the fun.”

  1. theyounggentlemanweb Says:

    This is amazing 😍

  2. Trish Says:

    Oh dear! I really love the patterned shirt in the middle but agree with the back. The rest is definitely underwhelming–especially the tank top. What a bummer!

    Though I had to laugh at the orange part. As an Aggie who has long loathed all things orange, I’ve noticed a fair amount of it creeping into my closet lately–a lot of it from stitch fix! Soon I fear my closet will be full of corals and oranges…though I do love them!

    Hope you’re feeling better today.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Good call on sending everything back – none of them were overly flattering on you. Except the shirt you already own. I love that one!

    Hope you are feeling better.

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