In which we make our hair hijinx come true.

If you’ll remember, one of the things we planned to do over our Memorial Day weekend was to dip dye Gracie’s hair, and oh by the way, her friends were coming over to take part in our adventures, too.Eesh!

I was a little unsure at first, and so I tried to scuttle our plans: I made Gracie research school policies, thinking her ambitions would be thwarted by the conservative school system. Nope. Hair had to be neat and presentable and not a distraction in the classroom. (You know – for the last half-day of school that her hair would be dyed.) Then I made her thoroughly research what we would need to do, and what we would need to buy. And that is how the Kool-Aid dip dying system was planned. All we needed was Kool-Aid…and maybe some lemon juice to lighten Gracie’s hair. I also made Gracie inform her friends that their moms had to text me their permission to dye their hair – I wasn’t gonna get in trouble because someone forgot to ask! After that, we were Go for launch.

One friend wasn’t able to come over after Bee’s swim party (Gracie got to bring two friends), so it was down to Gracie and her bestie. We stopped to grab Kool-Aid packets in the colors they wanted, and set about making this happen.


First, we boiled three cups of water for four packets of Kool-aid. We added the color after the water was boiling, waited for it to dissolve, and then shut the water off and waited for it to cool. Gracie set the table with piles of old towels, just in case we made a mess, and found two bowls the girls could use to soak their ends.


The girls created a tower of buckets to prop up their phone, on which they watched video after video while soaking their hair. 50 minutes later, Audrey had bright red ends (from her purple packets!!), and Gracie had…nothing.

The girls did some quick research and we tried soaking Gracie’s hair in lemon juice and one tablespoon vegetable oil for 30 minutes, and then 30 more minutes in the kool-aid, this time in the purple. Still nothing. I swear I had a picture of the After shots for Audrey, at least, but I think we were so busy that I forgot to have Gracie send me one.

Gracie spent that night researching other options, which mostly ended in her whining and asking to have her hair professionally colored. And nope. That would cost a hundred million dollars all for vanity hair ends. She didn’t have enough money for that and I certainly wasn’t paying for it. Auntie Rhi came to the rescue and said there was hair chalk at Ulta that might work. Gracie was afraid that it would be temporary and only last one day, but it was something.

So Sunday we trucked out to Ulta and got hair chalk and the wonderful assistant there showed us Splat hair dye. In alllllll the colors. And you guys – only ten dollars! Totally doable! The girls each picked out a hair chalk (in case the dye didn’t work) and a hair dye. Gracie went with purple (probably she thought that would result in some color after seeing what happened to Audrey), and Bee went with red.

So! Sunday afternoon was Take 2!! (You guys, I am an awesome mom. I really wasn’t planning on spending my entire weekend doing everyone’s hair.)

The kits came with bleach to help strip dark hair. Another reason I was glad we were just dip dying the ends – if all else failed and we ruined it, we could always cut them off! I mixed the bleach and applied to Gracie’s hair. It said it could take up to 50 minutes before it “took”, but after just 10 minutes, we had this:


It was working! The next step was rinsing, and then blow drying her hair. Here’s where I missed Audrey – the girls had had so much fun helping each other and tending to each other’s hair the night before. On Sunday, I was the one who was doing all the rinsing! Although Gracie managed the hair drying:


Then we had to actually apply color and let that sit for 30 minutes. Which we did, and I decided not enough color had set. After 20 more minutes, we rinsed her hair (ugh, ultimate mess!!) and ta da!


I won all the mama awards! Gracie-girl was SOOOOOO happy! She flounced and pranced and studied herself in the mirror all afternoon. She now has colored hair to match her bestie for the last day of school!

Then it was Miss Bee’s turn. She wasn’t as easy to color – she kept complaining that her neck was cramping and started crying and really wasn’t as sold on the “It hurts to be beautiful” mantra that Gracie had wholly bought into. But after just 30 minutes of color (and a lot more hassle rinsing), we had this:


Yeah, that’s what happens when you convince your mama to dip dye your entire pony tail – a girl on fire!

I loved the results as much as the girls did, but I did have one awful, terrible moment that filled my insides with ice water while I was blow drying Bee’s hair – I forgot to run the dip dye scheme past their dad. Shit. I would have been pretty upset if he did this without checking with me, and here I had done the same thing. I was so worried about whether the schools would allow it that I had forgotten to check with their dad! Not okay. Thankfully, after I texted a very sincere apology, he was okay. But seriously – the most almost-trouble I’ve been in in awhile. Silly Katie.

Other than that scare, I think the girls’ hair adventures came out wonderfully! We’ll see how long the dye lasts. I’m sure I’ll get requests again as soon as it’s gone. My girls love love love their colorful hair!


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One Response to “In which we make our hair hijinx come true.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! We have used a lot of SPLAT and another brand that we get at Hot Topic. The SPLAT will be a great color (just different) even if you don’t bleach their hair first. E has done her dark hair in blue and magenta without bleaching first and it looks great. More like an illusion than in-your-face color. So glad the girls are happy. You are certainly the Best Mommy Ever (right now anyhow). 🙂

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