I’m glad I decided to finally think about planning and stuff.

Having a summer birthday is awesome. I loved it! It was warm and sunshiney and summer always makes you feel like you’re being hugged with warmth. You can have cookouts and even if you haven’t talked to your friends all summer, your entire class will still show up for a cookout.

At least, that’s how it was for me. Bee isn’t finding the summer birthday thing quite as amazing. Her friends drop off the face of the earth come summer. To be fair, some of them are legitimately out of town to visit their non-custodial parent. I can’t really get mad at that. The others? Not as in touch as we were in my small town (okay, it was a big city, but my neck of it had a small-town feel). The summers here are scorching hot, so you can’t play outside. And huge birthdays at the house? Not so much a thing now. Now, you rent a bounce house or a bowling alley or roller skating. But it doesn’t matter because no one’s around!

Bee and I have found a solution: we move up her birthday. Sure, the family still celebrates her birthday on her actual birthday with cake and presents and a birthday dinner at a restaurant of her choosing. But the party with all the school friends now takes place in May. Everyone’s still in school, Bee can pass out invites, and then many more friends show up. It’s much better this way.

And this year, I became Mom of the Year when I suggested having a party at the local community pool. We can rent a shaded pavilion for just $250 – that’s much cheaper than bounce houses or anywhere else. The area is reserved just for us and we’re allowed to bring in outside food. Plus, it includes admission for up to 50 guests! How fantastic is that?! So Bee is inviting her 10 friends, Corrie and John and the Redheads are coming, Gracie is inviting two friends to keep her happy, and a few family friends might come. It will be great!

The only problem is, I’ve had the party squared away for so long, I haven’t really been thinking about it. And you guys – the party is Saturday!! Which means I have to plan a cake (it’s gonna be decorated like a giant pool area), and then go on a massive shopping trip tomorrow night. We need plates, decorations, cake supplies, oh and maybe a gift or two for Bee? Thursday night I’ll bake the cake and cupcakes, Friday night I’ll decorate them, and Saturday morning I’ll run to Target to get the last few things we’ll need – snacks, sunscreen, bug spray. It’s going to be pretty insane. But thank god I thought of all of this now instead of on Friday night! Geez, Katie!

And because I can’t leave well enough alone, Gracie has been asking when we could dip-dye her hair (with Kool-aid). I made her research and show me the school policies to make sure she wouldn’t get in trouble. She told me other kids had done it, but I wasn’t taking that for the gospel truth. Then I made her research and present to me exactly how we’d dye her hair. It looked okay. Fairly easy and pretty cheap. And then Gracie asked if her two friends who are coming to the pool with us could come over to our house after and dye their hair, too. Because I’m kinda crazy – and because her friends are awesome and Gracie should feel like she can come up with these adventures – I said yes.

YOU GUYS. I’m going to be exhausted after three hours outside in the sun, being “on” for company and now I’m going to “dip-dye” three tween girls’ hair. And then drive them all home later. I’m either completely insane or really awesome, I can’t decide.

Guess I better add Kool-aid to the shopping list. And plenty of wine.


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2 Responses to “I’m glad I decided to finally think about planning and stuff.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Yes! You followed the WWMHD question – and mom would have let us do the dip dye with our friends after confirmation it wasn’t going to get us barred from school. And she probably would have rolled her eyes about it and made an equal balance of sarcastic and loving comments, so I hope that’s on the agenda, too 😉

  2. Kathy Says:

    You are totally AWESOME!! I think it is wonderful and it will be a blast. How much fun for Bee – a party, with friends, in the sun. And the dye – at least its Kool-Aid. You know, at my house – it is usually the real deal; I think lavender was my favorite or was it green? It stopped being highlights or the ends long ago. 🙂

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