Five for Friday.

Huzzah, we made it to Friday? I’m glad to put this crazy work week behind me, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about how tantrum-y certain five-year-olds were going to be this weekend. How said is that, that I’m afraid of my weekend? Moving along…

1. Only one more “real” week of school, and then a few days the following week. You can betcha booty I’m excited about that! As much as I love the structure of the school year – especially during years when Bee-girl isn’t struggling – I’m about done in with the constant signing of notes and re-upping of lunch account balances and permission forms and concerts and last minute requests or notices of projects. A nice, steady summer schedule is what we need.

2. Someone broke into Jeff’s car in the driveway last night. And by “broke-in”, I mean opened the unlocked door. Not Jeff’s fault – he should be able to park his car in his driveway and expect people not to steal stuff – but, still. Downside: that oogy feeling when someone has been rifling through your things. Upside: uh…the burglars are idiots. They might have taken some loose change, but left the garage door opener (I was glad I thought to check for that right away) that they could have used to steal from the garage later today, or even get into the house. They also left the video players that are just strapped onto the back of the headrests. Not sure what they were looking for if even DVD players didn’t make the cut.

3. The weather here is killing me. I know I shouldn’t complain – in another month, it’s going to be one hundred and eleventy degrees. But low 60s in late May? In Texas? I get all these cute summer clothes from StitchFix and then can’t wear them because it’s decided to be wet and cold and fall-like outside. Or like March in New England. (Except without the snow because I would love some snow. Naturally.)

4. I found some cute blankets from that I got and stashed away for Christmas. A multi-colored mermaid tail for Bee to curl up in – she might think she’s too old for it, but something tells me she’ll adore it. The other is a shark with big, fat, giant teeth for the Xman. They were only $15, with free shipping, and that’s a steal for something fun for under the tree.

5. Is it just me, or are there not a lot of fun summer tunes this year? My plans for this weekend include spending a chunk of time playing music and ignoring things that might bring me down and I realized there isn’t a lot I need to add to my library. Or maybe I’ve been so much time doing things lately that I’ve missed all the fun new stuff? What gives?!

Okay, guys. Go forth and weekend! Have a good one!


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Crazy week is right! Glad you survived. Hope it is a better weekend.

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