The StitchFix with all the green shirts.

You know what’s even better than a StitchFix delivery day? A StitchFix delivery day that you had forgotten about for most of the day until you got home and found the package waiting for you!

If you’ll remember, my last two StitchFix boxes were kinda hit or miss. There was the one with all the shoes, where I kept the fabulous black fancy pants and the gold heels (and almost kept the top and the blue sandals but they were made of real gold and unicorn feathers or something because PRICE TAG). The one before that I practically already owned (and was lazy because of the same dress, whatevs). So I had sort of decided in my mind that if this one was another bust, I was out. It stops being fun when you are legit depressed because no one listens to you, or because the company simply doesn’t mesh with your tastes as well as you thought. This time I left clear directions (shirts in kelly green! shorts in fun summer colors that will fit my curvy bottom! something from my Pinterest boards!) and crossed my fingers.

As soon as I picked up my Fix box from the porch, I knew I had a pair of shoes. Shoes are the new dresses: guaranteed to be one in every box! They were a pair I had pinned, and didn’t cost a month’s rent:

I love the black and white polkas! They’ll go with so many things I own! I’ll wear them so often! And…so cheap! The problem is that I have really wide feet and these “bridge” shoes (or whatever they’re called) that aren’t supposed to show except the toes and the back of the heels make my feet feel naked. They feel awkward. But I can’t quite decide if it’s awkward because I’m not used to wearing this style, or like they don’t fit because fat feet. Jeff wouldn’t give me a straight answer about whether they looked weird, and Bee couldn’t decide. I love the way they look off my feet; I just can’t decide if I like the way they look on my feet.

Then I almost lost my shit – I saw jeans. Blue jeans, not colorful jeans like I had asked. Remember all the fuss about not sending me any more jeans? Then I realized these were jean shorts, so I bit back all the cursewords because technically I haven’t told my stylist I don’t want jean shorts. I thought I was clear when I said colorful shorts, but maybe she didn’t have any that fit curvy bottomed girls. (Pffft.) They do fit nicely, but I have a couple pairs of jean shorts that fit. I decided I’d keep them if it made sense money-wise (sometimes it costs more to send an item back. Math is weird.).

For my picture, I paired the shorts with one of two kelly green shirts. My stylist took the time to explain she didn’t have much in that color right now (then why tell me it’s one of the It colors this season?!), which at least made me feel heard and like she had tried.


I’m not a big fan of the billowy waist – I think I look better when the shirt hugs my curves rather than making me feel like Mother Cluck from Disney’s Robin Hood. But I like the detail on the shirt and that it’s work appropriate. It’s basic enough that it will go with a bunch of different things, but not so basic that it’s not worth the money. Also: I look great in this color.

The other shirt was…well, confusing. It had three arm straps. I wasn’t crazy about the pattern. And after fifteen minutes of fighting with it, I eventually had to look at the pictures of it on the stylist cards to see how the hell to put it on.


See what I mean about the pattern? I look much better with solid kelly green. But this is at least patterned – something I don’t naturally gravitate towards. The neckline is a bit weird, but I like that the shirt is a little more form-fitting than the other green shirt. It would come down to what else I decided to wear and how it fit in the math. I would wear it to work with lots of outfits, but I didn’t need it.

My last item was one I had been looking for forever: a black blazer that was stretchy because it was made of a cotton pajama-type blend with romantic ruffles and lace at the back to fancify it. I am going to wear this with everything!

Even the green patterned shirt looked better with my magic jacket over it! This jacket is definitely a keeper.

So now I’m not sure what to do! I was tempted to keep it all – after a few pricey boxes that got sent back (in part for those reasons), my stylist kept this one cheap enough that I could buy the entire Fix. I could keep the jacket and the shoes. If I keep even one of the shirts, it’s cheaper to keep all five items.

So tell me – do any of these items NOT work??


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2 Responses to “The StitchFix with all the green shirts.”

  1. Trish Says:

    Last one is definitely a keeper! I like the green blouse and the color looks great on you but I know what you mean about a more fitted style (though I just told my stylist to keep it loose around my middle-ha!). The neckline on the kelly green is a bit weird, but I think it looks great with the blazer.

    Always fun to have new things in the closet! 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    I feel like that jacket is all the best things from the fashion era in which we came of age…

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