Bout of Books: Day 3 recap.


Good morning, all! I fake singsonged that because I? Did. not. sleep. I did, however, fare better with the reading of the books yesterday.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The girls were at their dad’s house, so I didn’t get to read our Traveling Pants book out loud. That was missed much more than I would have thought, given that we’ve been so spotty with reading after dinner.

You. I got through another chunk of Kepnes’s You, and I don’t want to spoil too much, so how can I describe where I’m at? It’s still relatively early. Ah! I know. I can talk about the two punches of pop culture. The first came as a chapter cold-opened with something along the lines of I hope the world understands by now that the world’s best poet is actually Prince, or something to that effect. The exactly words aren’t important (HA! did everyone laugh at my little joke? Of course words are important! I just don’t have them in front of me.); what is important is that the sting of Prince’s death is still every where for me. Even, it appears, in my creepy!scary thriller, where it sucker punched me in the doctor’s waiting room.

The second pop culture shout out, and perhaps a more accurate bookmark, is Stephen King day. Our protagonist goes on and on, lambasting the reading masses who only buy ebooks…unless it’s a book by their precious Mr. King. It’s really a clever riff, watching Kepnes parade loathing and disgust for the sheeple via a diatribe against Stephen King’s writing, while at the same time lauding Uncle Stevie’s with and against attitudes for his fan base. It’s nuanced and complicated and lovely. And in any case: I’m at the part of the story just after Stephen King day.

I also finished off A Fierce and Subtle Poison. I very much enjoyed the modern fairy tale, and can’t quite decide whether I should call it YA or not. You experience the book through the adventures of a 17-year-old privileged white boy, as he attempts to best his father, a detective, and the cursed girl’s father. So…yes? But the bigger picture of the book, the fairy tale feel, and the weight of the thing kinda tip me towards…not necessarily. Whichever category the story “properly” belong to, it’s a crossover book, so what does it really matter. I wish more time had been spent on character development, particularly with the missing girls, and the Greek chorus of the senoras of the village. I found them fascinating. Still – a solid 4 of 5 stars from me.

Project X. I was able to sneak in some reading before bed last night, just long enough for Flake and Hanratty to get into a fight with the entire soccer team. I felt bad for them – I mean, they were brutally beaten! – but I have to admit, in a tiny, tiny voice, I thought to myself, But they went out of their way to antagonize the soccer team. They practically dared them to start whaling on them! So…why? Was it a measure of maintaining control over their situations rather than admit they have absolutely no control over anything? Nothing excuses the violence…but how much ownership of it must the two antagonists claim?

Not easy questions. I did pick excellent books for my #bout this week! Now I just have to go out there and find another one to take Fierce and Subtle‘s place.


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  1. Angelica (@PBack_Princess) Says:

    I absolutely love that you read to your daughters 🙂 My son is currently 13 months old, so I’ve been reading to him, I kinda feel silly as he obviously has no comprehension on what I’m saying but I want him to love books just as much as I do when he grows up, I think he will though as he was so interested in just books in general before I even started reading to him. Although at this point it’s all about turning the pages LOL

    My Bout of Books updates

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