Five for Friday.

Good morning, starshine! I slept for crap last night, so I don’t know why I’m all bright and bubbly. Possibly it’s because this is all in type; if you were to be standing right in front of me, I doubt I could muster the same energy. I doubt I could muster any energy. But, I owe you five things, and so…

1. I did get a bonus snooze this morning. Or what really happened is that I was so tired, I was convinced that when the alarm went off, I’d have to drag myself out of bed, not cry, and go about getting ready. Instead what happened is that the alarm went off, I hit snooze to stop the buzzing (as one does), and realized I still had my second snooze left! YES!

2. My kitchen light is driving me crazy, you guys. I think it heard me say out loud that I was planning to replace the fixture over the island (currently a long, fluorescent monstrosity) and over the kitchen/dining table (currently a tacky gold chandelier with fake candles). I swear it heard me and then decided to stage a sick out. So what happens is that when you turn on the kitchen light, it comes on, but is incredibly dim. You have to get a chair, climb onto the island, carefully stand up, and then use a grill spatula to lift the plastic cover to make contact with the bulb, and push on it until it makes contact with the metal pieces on the end. Then it turns on for real. It was happening once in a blue moon. Then every week. Then every other day. Now it’s happening 9 times out of 10 when you turn on the light. I swear it was every time, except I got the chair and grill instrument ready for this morning (because I knew I’d be exhausted) and damn it didn’t turn on to full power when I flicked the switch. Yeah. So….Friday. Sigh.

3. I didn’t do a book update yesterday, but I will let you know that right now I’m two or three pages into Caroline Kepnes’ You, which I’m loving and find incredibly creepy! And Jennifer Vanderbes’ The Secret of Raven Point, which I’m enjoying immensely, but I can’t seem to make progress on, because I fall asleep every time I get into bed. So frustrating!

4. I have three babies I might get to snuggle this weekend! I am so lucky! And another friend announced she’s pregnant and due in November. So many blessings! And so many baby quilts! I’m supposed to be working on the Xman’s stocking, so that he has one that matches the girls. He is excited about the idea, but if my friends keep popping babies out, and baby blankets take a long time!! Seriously, no one can even schedule a spring baby, so I have time to whip out a Christmas stocking?! Heh.

5. My goal this weekend (besides finding light fixtures) is to get the fire pit re-weeded. Despite Kim and I digging up the sod and laying down landscaping tarp – double landscaping tarp, if my memory serves? – we still have a ton of grass popping up. So I’m going to weed it, douse it with grass killer, and buy some more rocks. We also have to weed the fire pit itself. Then we get to enjoy it again! We have a cookout not this weekend, but next, and so I’m trying to make sure the place looks killer before people come over. At least I have a pretty-boy with big muscles who takes directions well. We’ll just play Chip and Joanna and see how our little Fixer Upper project goes!

There you go, guys. What are you planning to get done (or not get done) this weekend? Big fixer upper plans yourself?


2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hope all the fixing-upping went well and that you had a FABULOUS Mother’s Day. Can’t think of anyone more deserving.

  2. Kim Says:

    Are there before and after pics of the firepit? Or at least a few shots of you being all Gaines kickass as you direct and he weeds?

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