The StitchFix with all the shoes.

I love when my StitchFix comes early! But by the time I remembered to check the front stoop Monday night, it was far too late for StitchFix shenanigans. (I mean, do you think these photos just take themselves?!) So last night, before the birthday girl and her sidekick got back from dinner with Dad, I peeked through my box and made plans for the photoshoot I’d somehow sneak in after cake and presents.StitchFix5a

I had requested black pants suitable for going out. I have so many cute tops andonly either jeans or work pants to go with them. Oh, hey, or black capris. I also asked for some blue shoes to match the clutch I got a few Fixes ago. And if my stylist had any of the tops or dresses or other spring fashions that I had added to my Pinterest board, those would be fab, too! Surely that would be enough direction to avoid my last structure-less StitchFix disaster.

Shall we see what arrived?

The box was heavy. I suspected shoes. And I was right. In fact, there were two pair. My stylist noted that she wouldn’t normally send two, but she had both a pair of blue sandals I had pinned, and a fancier pair of gold peep-toe strappy heels.

I adore the heels! I don’t have any gold shoes, they go with everything, and they fit perfectly! The blue sandals… Well, I’m not a big fan of suede. I didn’t notice they were suede when I pinned them, and they look even more casual in person. The cork is killer hard and inflexible, and my heel falls just off the back of the shoe. Plus, ZOMG the price!

There was a pair of black pants, just like I asked. And ohmyheavens, they fit just like a dream! Sexy and comfortable! Now that’s what I don’t mind shelling out a little extra for. And as far as StitchFix pants go, they weren’t at the top of the price list, either. Sweet.

I paired the pants with the first of two tops they sent.


Yeah. Not crazy about the color – I am not really a deep rose kind of person. Especially not in a solid. But I like to branch out and try new things and somethings those new things surprise you. But this shirt ain’t one of ’em. I look so totally boxy! An unshaped block of wood: that’s me. The flutter sleeves, I love. The rest…not so much. I even uploaded my picture to my Pinterest board so my stylist can see how these creations look on my body type. Whatever helps, right?

Okay, on to the next shirt. In kelly green, half of my new favorite color combo!


Super flattering fit, right?! And again, I love the color! But…silk? Eh. I should have taken a picture of the back of the shirt – it’s a racerback and really very cute. I loved the clean lines it made with my new favorite pants. But I’d sweat through the shirt in a hot Texas minute. And when I looked at the price? Ain’t no way I’m paying $90 for a racerback tank top! Maybe if the piece was unique, or if I’d loved everything in my Fix and could justify it as my “free” item, but no way. I could find this shirt anywhere else for at least half – if not less! – than what they were asking. It might not be silk, but that’d actually make it better! So. It fit great and it was in a color I’d been begging for in my pins, but I don’t actually make enough money to justify spending $90 on a top, so my stylist is on crack.

All told, I ended up keeping the pants and the heels. I’ll get a crazy amount of wear out of both of them! I made sure to give my stylist high marks for personalizing my Fix – she did find my pants and shoes (though I didn’t keep the blue ones, the others still match the clutch) and two “date night” shirts, even if they weren’t ones I’d pinned. I just hope the prices come down on the next box, or I’m going to have to say goodbye to my addiction!


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3 Responses to “The StitchFix with all the shoes.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    LOVE the pants and the gold shoes. Too bad you couldn’t keep the green top – it looks great The pink had to go – totally agree on that. And the blue shoes? Those made me think of my grandma so I am glad those when back too. 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    ^^^ What Kathy said 😉

  3. The StitchFix with all the green shirts. | Can't Get There From Here Says:

    […] you’ll remember, my last two StitchFix boxes were kinda hit or miss. There was the one with all the shoes, where I kept the fabulous black fancy pants and the gold heels (and almost kept the top and the […]

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