Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon: A recap.

Whew! I’m still recovering from an awesome readathon on Saturday, in so many good ways! It’s the first time I’ve been able to participate in April (usually because of Gracie’s birthday, it just doesn’t work out), but so many of my favorite bits and pieces were still there, despite the date on the calendar.

My #readathon, my rules: I didn’t get to participate for the full 24 hours. I hardly ever do! Even with the girls at their dad’s house, I still have a little guy at home; a big, handsome guy (who did his very best to take care of everything so I could focus on reading); a puppy who was all wound-up and annoying; and a house to take care of. I got up and kicked off the readathon at 7am with the rest of the readers, but I called it a day after 13 hours. Still, I packed a lot into the time I had!

The books: I managed to read seven books in those 13 hours! Being a velocireader has its advantages! Of those, four were non-fiction (I find it hard to jump into too many fictional worlds in so short a time), and five were for my #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge. I was very proud of that particular accomplishment! There is a big dent on my To Read shelf now! Of the other two, Alibis was a book from my last Quarterly Box, and The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly was an impulse buy from date night at the bookstore on Friday night.

What worked: I started off with a book I wasn’t too sure about, but it ended up being my favorite – I highly recommend Christopher Golden’s Snowblind, especially for Stephen King. It was a delicious thriller set, you guessed it, in the chilly bowels of Maine. The setting was so well done, in fact, that I had to take a hot bath afterwards to warm myself up! The blizzards felt that real, you guys. I also loved Andre Aciman’s collection of personal essays, Alibis. It wasn’t as good as Anne Fadiman, perhaps, but his writing is so lyrical, and his essays both varied, with a subtle theme running deep underground.

What didn’t work: I had a couple of misses in the late afternoon that slowed me down and brought on the wall. It’s tough to rally and stay engaged when you’re not connecting with what you’re reading…even if you’re still feeling accomplished because at least you’re checking books off your list and movin’ ’em off your To Read shelf! Twisty Little Passages, The Beach, and The Blackhouse were all not particularly for me.

Location, location, location: I spent most of the morning at the kitchen table in front of my laptop. I was able to read and comment on social media, keeping up with the community. (All hail the #readathon community – I have never seen anything like it!) I made sure to get up and move around, to stretch, but the hard, wooden chair still wrecked my back in ways I’m still trying to fix. I took a bath, took a walk with an audio book, moved to the living room, and was expelled from the living room into bed for awhile so the little guy could use the wii. Having the house to myself for most of the day helped, for sure, but I was missing having the girls with me!

What I wish I had gotten to: I was going to go to the library to change out my books (whoops) and maybe scroll through some Kindle selections, but that never happened. I also wanted to dip into Carolyn Kepnes’ You, but I ran out of time.

All in all, I’d say it was an awesome, deeply satisfying reading day. Seven books, 2,272 pages, 13 hours, and 1 badass reader. Yep – awesome covers it pretty neatly.


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