Five for Friday.

I got no intro in me today, so we’ll go instead toooo…..

1. Is anyone talking about anything at all other than Prince? The depth of his brilliance, his character, his refusal to be pegged – we still needed him. Our country is in the middle of a gender-identity meltdown and we need people like Prince to soundtrack the way. Kim was a bigger fan when we were growing up. She was the one playing the music over and over and over. I showed up to the party rather late. Because I thought he was just another rocker. It wasn’t until I saw the multitudes he wore, refusing to any one anything that I started paying attention to the music. If we could all just love ourselves a little more, be as confident in ourselves as Prince always seemed to be, I think we might be a lot closer to all right.

2. Enough with the rain! It’s been flooding here this week. Not as bad as Houston, but the river by the house is still only a foot below spilling over the bridge. That doesn’t sound like it would be good. So maybe let’s ease up on the rain and save some for May. I don’t like these binging rainstorms that have been clustering together this year. No rain, no rain, no rain, ALL THE RAIN! It’s like some twisted game of duck, duck, goose! that Mother Nature is playing.

3. I’m a little nervous about my StitchFix coming this week, you guys. Remember how I sent the last one back? My stylist contacted their customer service department, who emailed me, all to say that if I wanted to exchange the cargo jacket for a different size, to contact them directly next time. But that they had one if I was still interested. Um…huh? I did complain that it was too small, but I did not ask for a new size. My confidence is dwindling. If this fix isn’t smashing, I’m gonna bounce.

4. Tomorrow is the #Readathon! I’m pretty excited! I don’t really have a stack of set books I want to read (other than everything on my shelves), but my library books are due tomorrow, so I’m going to stop in the morning and refresh my stacks. I’ve found that getting out twice during the day (whilst listening to an audiobook) helps break things up. Otherwise I get all sore and tired of sitting around. I never make all 24 hours, but that has never been my goal, so it works out just fine for me! Who else is participating?

5. Lastly, a big shout out to Kim who is having the last (I think? I hope?) of three godawful root canals this morning. They gave her a few pretty heavy anti-anxiety meds, not realizing that Kim is hypersensitive, so thank god she called to check with me last night. I reminded her to make like Alice and just lick the side of one of the pills, otherwise we’d never hear from her again. But if you could let me know, Rhi (or Kim!) that everyone went okay, afterwards, that’d be swell!

Okay, you guys – let’s go get Friday taken care of so we can weekend!


One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Tara Colaruotolo Says:

    sending you some readathon love from a fellow participant ! hope you are having and awesome day and keep on reading!

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