Five for Friday.

Good morning, everybody! It’s going to be a glorious Friday! We have plans, lots of plans for tonight. They involve watching cartoons and Sesame Street – for reasons you’ll hear about shortly – listening to music for a secret project of my own, wrapping presents, and frostening cake. Why?

1. It’s Jeff’s birthday! Birthdays are a terrifically big deal at Casa de Katie, so we started the morning right with blueberry cake for breakfast. We used the same mix as we do for blueberry muffins, so it’s not any worse. Also: BIRTHDAY!! We’re finishing his “real” birthday cake tonight (white cake with buttercream frosting) in preparation for a celebration tomorrow night. Yes, we’re throwing parties all weekend long, because BIRTHDAY! …and also because the X-man gets in around 9 pm tonight and we’re not singing happy birthday and eating cake after he’s in bed, or giving that sugar-sensitive kiddo cake and then forcing him to go to sleep. So. Birthday parties all up in here this weekend!! Bring a fork and crash the party parties!

2. Kim started a project of compiling stills from favorite Sesame Street songs and clips. She’s creating the most epic adult coloring book ever. And I’m helping by creating a YouTube playlist with the bits we want to use. Alligator King, the Ladybug Picnic, Doing the Pigeon, the YoYo Master… God, how trippy was Sesame Street in the 70s and early 80s?! I love it! So hit me with your favorites! We need lots of ideas!

3. We’ve been playing a game in the car where you pick a rare color car – orange, yellow, or green – and then everyone watches for a car of that color. It started out as a way to ween the Xman off of watching movies on his car tv (!!) or playing his tablet (!!) in the car. The kid didn’t know what to do if he wasn’t being entertained by a screen. So, the color game. Except it’s evolved as everyone has gotten more into it and now it’s…rather competitive. Pick-up trucks count, but tractor trailers don’t. Tractors don’t count. Or any type of farm equipment. (Yes, I’m serious. I had to make a rule for that.) School buses don’t count. Pink or purple cars (really purple cars, not maroon, not plummy-red) are worth 5 points, at any time. Although sometimes the purple car rule is de-activated because the girls argue over it so much. Oh, and did I mention the first person to see the car gets a point? Super-competitive. When the arguing gets too bad, the game ends. Because the grown-ups don’t believe in mercy. When we’re playing, we’re all in! And I thought we were bad – my Ex has become either so annoyed (I’m guessing) or so amused by the game – because of course the girls carried it over to his house – that he’s making up new rules now. Green cars don’t count. Except on odd days, and when Gracie complained that those are only Tuesday and Wednesday (??), he changed it to days where the second letter is a consonant. Cops are 20 points. School buses count, but only if they’re moving. Red cars count sometimes (I forget the qualifier), and convertibles are worth 10 points. It’s crazy! And highly amusing to me because Gracie has no idea they’re being messed with. I love it so hard.

4. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but Bee is a bit of a picky eater. No steak, no pork, roast beef is fine, no fish, seafood was okay, hot dogs are okay, and on and on. She was consistent about it, so on those nights, she could eat her side dishes and veggies and a hard boiled egg, or she could have cereal. I had thrown my hands up and surrendered, letting her be her own person, but still, honestly, a bit annoyed at the chaos it created at dinner time. Now, after months and months and years of being almost a vegetarian, and eating fewer and fewer dinner options, Bee has decided she likes something new. I made a pot roast in the slow cooker the other day; one of the days when the girls had dinner with their dad after school. The girls arrived home just as I was clearing my plate and Bee was standing next to me. “What is that?” she asked. I told her and offered her a piece. “It’s like steak, but it tastes way different,” I told her. She tried it…and liked it! “I would eat that,” she told me. And the angels did sing!! The apple bourbon sauce might helped, but I don’t even care what did it. We will be eating winter meals at my house all year long now.

5. You might have noticed that today is One Boston Day. April 15th. Boston Strong. And I still did Five for Friday. Here’s why. I thought about doing an entire blog post about the Boston Marathon bombings. I have a lot of feelings still about that day. But I don’t want that yahoo to think I am giving him any smallest bit of my time or attention. I don’t want to add to what he sees as his immortality. If I did, he would no longer be just a local footnote. And that’s what I want: for us all to turn our backs on him. So I will raise a glass to all of the survivors – those injured, our first responders, those who witnessed the events, both there near the finish line, and those of us who witnessed it on television or via social media. We were all scarred, and maybe scared, but not forever. We’re Boston Strong. Drinking our Dunks and keepin’ on. Running marathons, having birthday parties, and refusing to ban backpacks at the marathon on Monday. You know why? We refuse to change our lives for what might happen. We decide how to live. How beautiful is that?

There you go, guys. Go run, go read, go send me suggestions for my coloring book! Go live gloriously today. Because you can.



2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love your Friday lists and due to stupid chaos and stress I just read it on Monday. It was worth the wait. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Oh! On the car game…. first one to find a yellow hummer wins. (In my car anyhow). I had to go find the house with the yellow hummer so I could win every time. Took the kids a bit to figure out that I knew where they vehicle would be.

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