On the Riverwalk.

That weekend went fast! The four 1/2 hour drive went slowly (good god – how am I going to do 13 hours to Denver?!), but the rest of the weekend? I swear I just blinked.

We had a fantastic time! We ate our way through half the city, and drank our way through the other half. And then we worked off every bite and sip – we hit 20,000 steps every day we were there. Walking the Riverwalk will do that do you! Especially when your room is so close you can just “run” back to it to drop off a bag, or change clothes, or take your third nap of the day.

We were pretty lucky the room situation worked out, though. As anyone who’s friends with me on social media knows, our original hotel, The Hotel Contessa, tried to back out of our reservation and and their obligation. Jeff had reserved a king suite. When we checked in, all was going well. I mean, it wasn’t the Cosmopolitan or anything, but it was okay. Until Jeff walked into the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. Because guess why? Two full beds, that’s why. It was 10 o’clock at night, we had been on the road for four and a half hours, and we had to spend an hour with the hotel arguing to get what we had paid for. And that was after the SAN1bellman spent 30 minutes trying to get the manager on duty on the phone. We ended up trudging back downstairs and arguing in person, to which the hotel finally conceded that they could get us into a suite the next day, for the duration (supposedly), but we’d have to spend the first night of our romantic getaway in separate beds and switch rooms. For all of that trouble (and, you know, getting it wrong, plus wasting a good chunk of our Friday night), the manager was willing to throw in breakfast vouchers. Breakfast vouchers. Not even a bogo on massages (that we’d been planning on splurging on) or comping our night’s stay.

So Jeff called around and found us a property right next door at The Westin. After hearing about our poor pitiful drama, The Westin upgraded our room and threw in free wifi. Oh, and the view wasn’t bad, either!

Did I mention how our hotel was right on the Riverwalk? I mean, steps. Steps from our hotel bar to the path winding around downtown. Just look!

It was so relaxing, being able to sit and people watch, or get up and go. I honestly don’t know how anyone gets any work done downtown at all. And if the scenery  wasn’t enough of a distraction, there were these little guys, too:


Ducks! Sooo many ducks! I spent Friday night trying to coax one up closer to the bar area (no luck), and then decided I needed one as a pet. I asked Jeff if he thought I could catch one. Of course he doubted me. And then the next morning I saw this: sleeeeping ducks. Some ducks were even sleeping like they were flamingos, up on one leg. Mere inches from where we were walking! It would have been a cinch to bend over and grab one. Ta da! Never doubt a Sicilian when your life in on the line! Katie when shenanigans are afoot!

So despite a rocky start, we actually had a pretty good time getting our couples’ getaway off the ground. Just make sure you don’t ever, ever plan on giving The Hotel Contessa any of your moneys if you ever stay in San Antonio. God knows what might happen to your reservation.


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One Response to “On the Riverwalk.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’ll make sure to tell everyone to avoid the Contessa in November during UCEA! Ew for being so awful about their own service!! Not cool.

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