Five for Friday.

Today is going to move slower than dirt. Because…

1. Jeff is taking me out of town this weekend! I am in desperate need of a kids’ free weekend and since next weekend is Jeff’s weekend, and this weekend his Ex’s boyfriend can watch the X-man, we pounced! I swear I am most excited about being kid-free, all the delicious eats, and doing a little exploring, in that order.

2. We’re headed to San Antonio, a city I’ve never visited, despite living in Tejas for 16 years. We’re staying right on the Riverwalk, and I’m hoping it’s just as fun and romantic as I’ve heard. If you have any recommendations, throw ’em at me!

3. We’re up for everything and anything. A massage is high on our lists. A good steak dinner (although I wouldn’t say no to some sushi…). Visiting the Alamo (to say that we have). Taking in the view from the top of the Tower of the Americas. And maybe there’s an animal safari that I’ve been keeping my eye on. I’m also keeping an eye open for any independent bookstores along the way…

4. My packing is way out of hand. I’m bringing twice as many dresses as I’ll need, twice as many jeans, don’t even ask me about casual shirts or shoes or jewelry or anything else. For once, I haven’t thought twice about what books I’m bringing. I suppose I’ll grab a few when I get home. The weather is supposed to be freakin’ gorgeous while we’re gone and so I need clothes for walking around and going out to clubs and to dinner and for any number of scenarios. Also, there’s the whole Spring in Tejas experience where it’s 50° in the morning and 86° by the middle of the afternoon.

5. And we get to vacation within our vacation – we’re stopping in Austin on the way back, so I get to have my Shiner ice cream with strawberries from Amy’s Ice Cream and stop at BookPeople. Oh, and maybe check out a few gift boutiques! I’m more than a little excited, you guys.

So distract me. Tell me a joke. Recommend the last great book you finished. Do anything you can to make it time to leave because today? It’s going to go by s-l-o-w-l-y.


2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Ohhhh. Those brussel sprouts!!

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    The kids need racoon hats from the Alamo! How cute would Bee’s sneaky face be if it also had a cute little tail?! And Xman’s confused why is my hat furry and molly embarassed/too cool look =0D

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