This girl.

This girl… this girl has crawled right inside my heart again. And if I know her, she’s set up a blanket fort and has nestled in for the long haul! My Bee-girl has been especially cuddly lately, in a quiet sort of way. She’ll maneuver herself next to me and cuddle, rub my back if I’m standing at the sink, ask to help with whatever I’m cooking…

And, oh, the things this girl is up to! She laughed that contagious laugh as she ran all over the playground this weekend, being a little kid to play with the X-man one moment, and then being almost tweenagery the next as she defied everyone around her and climbed to the top of everything.


She tried being all defiant at home when we were doing something she didn’t want to do (a Wii dance-off, how dare we!), by throwing a blanket over the top of the book nook…and ended up making what morphed into the most epic blanket fort of the year. A giant monstrosity. A multi-roomed fort with a “worm-hole” you wiggled out of. (Although Dr. Who references were flying around, like they couldn’t decide what kind of wormhole they had on their hands, exactly. I’m not sure the Doctor would have ruled out both kinds.) She even sweet-talked me into letting them use the kitchen counter and enlisted me to finding heavy items to hold up blanket edges over various wings. I ended up doing several things that rational Mama would have said no to. That girl with those twinkly, say-yes eyes…


This girl even made me collapse with giggles when I started out lecturing her over the state of her boots. Yes, she’s had them all fall and winter, and yes my baby girl is hard on her shoes, but Bee! They were worn completely through in the toes! I thought my baby just had worn down to the white fabric, but no! Gaping holes! And my sweet shoe-loving girl tries talking me out of throwing them away. Even though it’s in the 80s now and boots are maybe not a thing to be wearing any more. I had to pull them off her feet. And dang if we were laughing and shrieking the entire time. Because maybe I said something about how you know it’s time to throw them away when they look like the shrieking eels from Princess Bride…


And this girl of mine sat on the couch all night and copied fashions out of her beloved fashion book. A fashion book that Santa found on clearance in the grown-up section and almost didn’t get. Because how many fashion books does one almost-10-year-old girl need? All of them. And this one is now her favorite. She sat for hours, happy as anything, making my heart sing to see her so content.


This girl has been my everything lately. And always will be.


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One Response to “This girl.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That blanket fort is epic! And, I LOVE reading about the many sides of Bee. What a sweet baby-girl you have. So grown-up and yet still a child; one of my favorite stages.

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