The StitchFix Box that I almost already had.

I got my 7th StitchFix box on Saturday, an entire week early, and I missed the email letting me know it was on the way, so it was a complete surprise. Hooray for surprises of awesomeness! But we had errands to run and parks to visit and babies to meet (!!), and so it was late when I finally opened the box.


So I should probably mention that I only added a few items to my Pinterest board this month (shoes), and didn’t send a note to my stylist. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and I was assuming they kept old notes (perhaps a bad assumption on my part), so I thought they’d send me an assortment, and maybe a few of the tops I had been looking for.

Not so much. I got three dresses (I have bought almost every dress they’ve sent, so I’m sure they think dresses are a sure thing), a bracelet, and a jacket. Except two of the dresses were the same dress! but in a different color, and I was pretty upset about that. How lazy! What, I pitch a fit about jeans, the easy filler item, and now they’re doubling up on colors? Whaaaat? The other problem is that two of the dresses my stylist sent (and she’s the same stylist I’ve had since Box 3) are almost identical to dresses I already own.

But let’s take a look. And I need lots of advice because I haven’t decided what I’m doing and I need to send them back tomorrow morning!

This is my favorite of the dresses. The one on the left is the StitchFix dress, and the one on the right is the one I already own. The new one is a bit updated: the purple isn’t as plummy, and the neutral background is grey instead of cream, and the shapes are hexagons instead of fleur de lis-type shapes. Updated! Very pretty! But I’m not sure it’s different enough to justify the expense. Both are 3/4 sleeves. Both have the same neckline (aka jussssst too low-cut for work). Is it really worth it?


This is the same dress, in a different color. A different color that is mostly beige. Beige that is one of the colors I marked as Don’t Send Me, Because I Can’t Wear It. The fact that it was the same dress struck me as lazy. The fact that they didn’t listen to my color preference annoyed me. I will be saying something in my feedback. (Let me know if you think I’m overreacting.)

I really liked this dress, too, although Jeff wasn’t a fan of the neckline. Naturally. It’s a bit purpley-er blue than the one I own (Stitchfix on the left, the dress I already own on the right). My dress’s neckline is lower, and the hem is a teeeeny bit longer, but otherwise – same dress! I definitely won’t be getting the purple one. Not worth the money. I’m thinking about uploading the dresses I do own that are matches to Pinterest so my stylist can see that she’s hitting the money taste-wise on these; it’s just rotten luck (for her) that I already have something similar. Especially because I own, what? Six dresses? What are the odds?

I had uploaded a gazillion jackets to Pinterest, and I’m in love with the navy and kelly green colors that are trending, so I nearly cried when I finally got a green jacket and it didn’t fit. In fact, I had a giant I’m-too-fat-and-I-should-just-give-up-and-die meltdown out of no where when I tried on the jacket. Whoooooo Saturday night! The sleeves are obviously way too long, the middle part fits okay, but there’s no shape (although if there was a bit more breathing room, there is a drawstring inside I could pull to give it some shape), and the shoulders are way too narrow and the upper arms are so tight that it cut off circulation. I couldn’t move once I managed to get the jacket on. But I can’t ask for a larger size because then the body of the jacket would be way too big and let’s not even talk about the sleeves. What a shame because I love the color and the style and the versatility.

And the bracelet, the only decently priced item:


I’m embarrassed to say I thought about keeping it just to keep something, but then I slapped myself and woke up. I don’t particularly care for the style. It’s dainty and feminine, yes, but it’s just not me. Not the way my chevron earrings and the necklace were.

So I’m inclined to send everything back. I thought about maybe keeping the purple dress because I like the color and pattern a lot better than my old dress, but the price on the dress without the keep-everything discount is a little high.

This is where you can help! Let me know your thoughts. Give me advice! And be sure to include how much you think I should complain about getting little versatility and yelling especially about two of the same dresses.



6 Responses to “The StitchFix Box that I almost already had.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I LOVE dress #1 and would so wear it to work. You look fabulous – keep it. I think the – what you call the beige dress – looks nice. It doesn’t make you look pale or washed out. But, if it is the same pattern as dress #1 – #1 wins hands down. #3 has to go back – you already own that dress 😦 but I love the color. The jacket is what sadness is made of – cool jacket but the fit is all wrong even if it didn’t cut off your circulation. I dig the bracelet but if you won’t wear it don’t keep it.

    Yell about the same dress, two different colors issue. That is CRAZY. I could see you getting them is separate boxes if your feed back was – love the dress do you have it in a different color?

    They seem to be hit of miss on variety. I am not sure how you correct that as you have mentioned it before. Maybe all dresses came this time because we are headed into summer. At least you are – we had snow yesterday.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Dont keep anything. Im forecasting the guilt will outweigh the pleasure from keeping the one dress. And being proud about not caving will outweigh missing a dress that you basically already own. Also if stitchfix is bringing up body issues this often you need to ditch it. Its supposed to be fun easy and convienient. If you want to feel horrible about yourself and have someone tell you to stop it then just go out shopping where youll save money.

  3. Burghbaby Says:

    Send it all back! And don’t feel guilty for it. The prices are too high for a guilt purchase.

  4. Andi M. (@estellasrevenge) Says:

    That does seem like an awfully lazy Fix! I always assumed if you didn’t send them notes and new ideas they’d at least go ham and get creative! These dresses really are beautiful, but I know I’m inclined not to buy doubles of things unless they’re more basic like layering tops and some such.

  5. Jenna Hatfield Says:

    Uh, if I had gotten two of the same dress, I’d be pitching a fit online. 😉 NOPE.

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    […] were made of real gold and unicorn feathers or something because PRICE TAG). The one before that I practically already owned (and was lazy because of the same dress, whatevs). So I had sort of decided in my mind that if this […]

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