Braced for impact.

We are all of us crankypants at our house this morning.

After finally getting good sleeps Monday night, we made up for it last night by none of us sleeping. Well – I think Bee-girl did, thanks to an exhausting day-long mandatory testing session. Even with a two-hour nap, Twinkle Toes was ready for bed last night. But Gracie and I? Not so much with the sleeping.

Gracie was fitted with her orthodontia yesterday. And hooboy, is she feeling it. She had custom-order bands made for her back molars because they have extra nodules. My theory is that they morphed with the seedlings for her wisdom teeth because somehow she doesn’t have any of those. Finally – good news for Gracie! After a year of broken wrists, ear tumors, and tooth catastrophes, I’ll take missing wisdom teeth! That doesn’t help her current situation though: trying to convince her incisor to descend into the gap we created by pulling a permanent tooth.

Thus the braces/retainer hybrid. Her custom bands have wires pushing against a retainer piece at the front-top of her mouth to keep her back teeth from moving forward into the gap. And one lonely bracket was attached to the miscreant incisor, which has an elastic band coaxing it down into the space. There’s barely any tension on the band right now, but that will change in six weeks.

Even without much tension (and with a lot of wax on the pointy bits), Gracie’s braces are driving her batty. The poor pitiful puppy couldn’t eat anything for dinner last night. I did get her to eat a few mini-pancakes this morning. She just asks for ibu-pwo-fen and frowns and lays there with her jaw in her hands. No more talking for Miss Gracie, who hates the way all her sounds have turned to mush. I spent a lot of the evening rubbing her back and giving her hugs and telling her how I went through the same thing. I remember crying because I couldn’t even manage to eat macaroni the first night I had braces. Gracie’s managed to stave off the tears so far, but she’s drawn awfully far into herself. That is not my favorite.

Worrying over my tween was part of the reason I didn’t get any sleep last night. The rest of it was from anxiety over the storms expected to hit our area today. Our tor:con was 4 when I checked last night, and I’m a bit scared to see what it’s crept to this morning. There were big, bold red exclamation marks on our forecast when I checked the radar this morning – and I was too scared to investigate. If I did, I was worried I’d never make the drive to work. I’ve gotten a lot better about my storm anxiety – especially my ability to handle tornadoes in the area – but I have appointments I need to drive to this afternoon, and I do not handle driving in storms very well. Needless to say, my blood pressure is sky high and I never fell back asleep when I woke up at 4 a.m.

Tornadoes. STAAR tests. Braces. It’s all a bit much for one mama to handle in a single day. Unless maybe someone wants to make me a Supergirl cape?


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4 Responses to “Braced for impact.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Oh she *did* end up getting the braces!? Poor kiddo, but it will really help her from dealing with worse dental issues down the line. I’ll start pulling together a care package with all the non-edible things 😦

  2. Debbie Says:

    Getting used to braces is hard! So…storms? Keep safe!

  3. Care Says:

    Hi, checking in. Glad all is well (or was last time I checked! I grew up in Kansas, yaknow, so I *know* the storm-freakout thing. Well, maybe. I can tend to be rather ‘whatever’ about it but I do know to take it seriously. CHEERS!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Hope Gracie is feeling better (less pain) and getting used to her braces. Hope you are surviving all the storms and everything that goes with that weather.

    Praying you all have a lovely, carefree weekend.

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