Getting tweenier every day.

I was expecting a much rougher morning this morning. A rough line of storms popped up last night before bedtime. They were well north of us at first, but of course they back-built so the new storms kept heading in our direction. High winds, large hail, and new warnings every 10 minutes or so. We even got to spend some time in the closet when the tornado sirens went off.

It wasn’t too bad, I suppose – the tornadoes went north, the hail didn’t crack anything, and the girls were in bed by 10:30. They don’t have school tomorrow. They can yawn it out for one day. But the thing is – Gracie is already pushing it.

Monday night, Gracie turned to me from her spot on the couch and asked, “Mom? Can I get up early tomorrow morning and straighten my hair?” I couldn’t help it – I gaped a little. My child who would sleep until 10 a.m. every morning if I let her? Get up early? Pffft. Also, Gracie’s hair is already straight! Sure her gorgeously perfect hair has waves to it and plenty of body, but no one ever never ever would call it curly.

Still, my tween is obsessed with straightening her hair.

“If you want to,” I answered. “You’ll have to set your alarm and leave the door to the bathroom cracked in case your sister gets up,” I reminded her. “And you’ll have to get my straightener before you go to bed.” Borrowing stuff is one thing. Borrowing it when even I am still sleeping is not a precedent we’re setting.

Gracie was happy as clam. She got everything set up before bed, double-checked the time she set on her alarm to make sure I thought it would be enough time, and even made blueberry muffins in case she had to bring her breakfast in the car.

Everything went smashingly. Gracie woke up, straightened her hair (not that you could tell)(and not that I would ever say that to her), got herself ready, and even had time for breakfast. She didn’t even come down with a case of the grouchies that night. In fact, she thought to ask her sister if the light from the bathroom bothered her because it’s right outside the bedroom. All week it’s been the same. Gracie’s alarm goes off a half hour before anyone else’s, she gets herself up and dressed, does her hair, and hasn’t complained about getting less sleep. She’s totally feeling her look right now and is, basically, high on the privileges that come with growing up.

Inch by straightened inch.


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One Response to “Getting tweenier every day.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    That child. It was hilarious how much she gawked at herself in the mirror that time i straightened her hair but then at dinner when she got the spoon out =0D also i blame this on her experience as a newborn. when you thought i could straighten YOUR hair with my wee little straightener. straightening hair has been a part of her life from the start!

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