And on the fifth day…

The fifth day brought more storms! But then a trip to the mall.

We stopped at Bath & Body Works (proof positive that my tween is tweening hard), Aeropostle for some birthday clothes for said tween, CandyWorld for the other kiddo who was being a pretty good sport, and then some sushi for lunch. Because wow, that was a lot of tweening for mama to put up with!

Then we painted some fairy castles…


And then we made a run to Home Depot to grab some plants to put out in the garden.


Of course, because we bought flowers, that meant that a cold front came through and the temp dropped from the mid-80s to 38 degrees Saturday morning. We had to wait for the frost advisory to quit before we could plant them! Stay tuned because the results were kind of adorable!

And with the end of Friday came the end of our week of aimless bliss. The Xman arrived and we more or less came back to earth. Routines. Family time. Rules. Bleh bleh bleh. It was fun while it lasted, but I am ready to get back to a bit of a schedule. Especially a schedule that ends with another three-day weekend!

Hope your week was as fun as ours!


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