And on the second day…

Today we had big plans, big plans I say! And all my mynah birds were in on it. The Redheads and Corrie came over and we lay siege to the patio in the gorgeous weather to paint, paint, paint!

The girls had so much fun! And the sangria the mamacitas enjoyed wasn’t too bad, either! In fact, I don’t know what was better – the drinks, the company, the 80 degree weather (at ten in the morning, no less!), the sunshine after weeks of rain, or the giggles. Okay, definitely the giggles!


I present: Starry, Starry City and Under Da Sea! Hmmm…I should have taken a pic of the empty glasses to show off our accomplishments.

Oh, and because they’re our kids, there was a bit of bonus fun:


A fort in our lush, lush grass. If only we could have forced the kiddos to stay in it forever. Alas, there’s another day of fun to be had tomorrow.


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One Response to “And on the second day…”

  1. Kim Says:

    That cityscape is awesome! Did someone learn about horizon lines in art class perhaps, hmm??

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