And on the first day…

It’s Spring Break 2016 all up in Casa de Katie! Which explains why I forgot to blog yesterday. Whoops. But since I have a fun thing or two planned, I thought I could pretend for a second that it was still yesterday indulge me.

Because a good week of fun needs a good shake-it-off day to get everyone relaxed and rested, we spent Monday with a bucket or four of Legos, building bed and breakfastes (Gracie) and all manner of Dolphin World science platforms and explorations missions (Bee).


All of this lazy construction was going on while marathonning on Bones and maybe a Disney movie or two.

Then, because no good vacation day goes unpunished, I left the bickering girls to go get my hair straightened. Shake it off, am I right?


Not a bad start to what I hope is a pretty good week!


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