Five for Friday.

It’s Friday, Dear Readers. Friday, Friday, Friday.  And not only is it Friday, but…

1. I am off next week for Spring Break! Which means today will go even slower than slow…but then I get a week off! Too bad Jeff’s alarm will still go off, so I will still be awoken at stupid o’clock, but at least I can nap at will. The glories of vacation, people.

2. It has rained, and rained, and rained, and stormed, and then stormed some more. The forecast for today and tomorrow and Sunday? MORE THUNDERSTORMS! I am seriously thinking about building an arc. Or moving elsewhere. Because we have to make a Costco run and the only thing worse than going to Costco on a Saturday is going on a Saturday in the rain. And it’s been a cold, wet, miserly rain, too! I seriously thought about lighting a fire in the fireplace the other night. Much more like a Fall rain than a Spring rain, and I’m kinda pissed about that.

3. At least my girlies are warming my heart. Gracie nearly bit my head off when I switched the radio station away from a Killers song. Having another rabid fan in the house is nice. I won’t even mind when all of my Killers cds vanish into the tornado that is Gracie’s room.

4. Bee finished her elephants project this week. She researched her fifteen facts all by herself in encyclopedias, the elephant book she got from the school library, and two school-approved Web sites. She then had to make a bibliography citing her sources. I was so proud of her! The poster she created maybe isn’t as…polished…as I might have insisted, but I let her design it on her own. Okay, okay – on her own with minimal input from me. And she was mad about even that much. Heh. I adore how independent she’s becoming.

5. Annnnnnd I lose. I thought I was winning because I got the girls powdered sugar mini-donuts for breakfast. A fast and easy way to get the girls through morning routine rather expeditiously. Since Jeff is out of town at a conference, I’ve had to drop both girls off at school and get through the morning on my own. Today’s the last day and I had to stop at the store last night anyway, so I thought – what the hell. Donuts. And the girls had their fill and a goodish number were left over. So I brought them for my breakfast. Guess who just spilled powdered sugar all down the front of her ivy-green shirt? Donuts, I wish I knew how to quit you while I was ahead.

So there you go! A few thoughts swirling through my head on this last Friday before break. Send me lots of things to amuse me and keep that clock moving, won’t ya?



One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Have a WONDERFUL spring break. Rainy, rainy here too but I just keep telling myself it’s spring.

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