The weekend with all the fun.

Aw, man – if ever a mama was in need of a fun weekend, it was this one right here. And I was so glad this past weekend cooperated!


Saturday night there was green eggs and ham for dinner. You’d think having kiddos aged almost-12 and almost-10 would get me out of celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but you would be wrong. They were rather keen on sharing our tradition with their little pseudo-step-sibling. In fact, Bee has been talking about green eggs and ham throughout the year, so I knew I was going to have to ante up. We read the books about said “icky” food and don’t you know that He Who Suddenly Will Not Eat (Sam-I-Am) ate this meal best of all. Green food coloring and everything.


Sunday outdid itself on the awesomeness scale. The girls opted not to go to church since they were attending a concert with their dad and stepmom later that evening. Instead, we started out with allll the Legos. Those Jurassic Park Legos have sat in their boxes since Christmas and Jeff and I couldn’t take it any longer. The kids finally bent us to their will and got us to build all six boxes. Eesh. (Just kidding! Most fun ever.)

Then we went for ice cream at 10 a.m. because the only way we were going to be able to eat ice cream is if we went after the X-man had breakfast, since that’s the only meal he’s interested in finishing these days. So that’s what we did. This week, we ventured out to Cool Berry Frozen Yogurt, where you get to pile candy toppings on your exotically flavored froyo. I had pomegranate with a small swirl of pineapple. Delicious! And since it was 70° outside and muggy as hell, the ice cream even felt good that early.

Then we went to PuttPutt for our fun activity of the day. We had finished most of our chores, so I didn’t mind splurging. The kids had a blast, Bee played like Happy Gilmore (still)(just like when she was 3 years old), and I got to jokingly yell “Quit sitting on the zebra/elephant/rhino!” all afternoon long.

After we had exhausted ourselves with miniature golf, we traded in our clubs for tokens and played a few games inside. Then we dashed off with jusssst enough time for me to make a late lunch.

A very chock-a-block, somewhat rushed weekend. But since it was filled with fun and happy kids, for once I didn’t mind.


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One Response to “The weekend with all the fun.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Happiness is a great weekend with the kiddos. Looks like you had a great time. Plus breakfast dessert – can’t beat that.

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