My StitchFix mess.

As some of you have already heard, my latest StitchFix box was a bit of a bust. And that’s understating the mess that I unwrapped.

I had asked my stylists for a particular motorcycle jacket/vest thing that I had seen paired with some other clothes on one of my style cards. I had heard recently about that trick, and I thought it would be great for when I go out clubbing or on a date somewhere a little more casual, but when I still want to look awesome. So that was my note: I’m going out to these places and need clothes for them! Particularly that leather vest!

Here’s what I found:


Shoes. Which, okay. That isn’t really my style, the missing gap thing there in the middle. But I know that style is in right now, and I didn’t hate them. And I use my black flats with everything. Problem was, they didn’t fit. My feet are very wide and half my foot was hanging over the middle part. They so didn’t work.

A dress. I’ve gotten dresses in my last three boxes including this one. And, okay, yes, I did keep the other two, so they’re probably thinking this is an easy keep. And I did like the dress when it was on the hanger. I like the stripes, and the colors/pattern was basic enough that I could wear so many things with and over it. And I liked the material – a soft cotton blend. This was the only piece I liked as I pulled it out of the box. Problem was, it didn’t fit so well. It felt good, but the neckline was maybe a little too high to be flattering, but I could have worked with that. Offset it with a scarf or the right necklace. But the tummy, with all the interesting pattern shifts going on, yeah, no. Too tight there. I need to hide that perfectly normal post-kids bump. The dress didn’t work. And that was the best piece. Sigh.

A casual shirt in a nautical theme. This shirt… I didn’t even know what to do with it. I saw the elbow patches as soon as I pulled it out and was all hells no! I don’t do elbow patches. I DON’T DO THEM. Ever. I can’t remember if it was one of my shirts and that I mentioned it, or it might have been my co-workers box when we were going through it. Either way, this shirt does not say date night and it sure doesn’t say clubbing. It did fit amazingly well, but I would never, ever wear it. Boo.

The vest. The stylist said she didn’t have the vest I had requested, and the closest match was $148 and she didn’t think that would fit my budget. So she sent this in it’s place. At least she read my note and tried? Ugh. The material is a light, light stiff cotton. Like you find at a fabric store before you soften it. The sides were a jersey type. It looked like something you would wear to work with a cute skirt and a blouse or fun long-sleeve top. NOT to a club. You can’t quite see in the picture how it pulls just the slightest when it’s zippered so that the fabric covering the zipper is pulled back, making it obvious that it’s a bit snug. I just wouldn’t wear it. I only asked for a vest because I need it for one particular function, and this doesn’t meet those requirements.

And then the last thing. The thing that made me see red and yell across the house. JEANS. My stylist sent jeans! Guess what I asked to not be sent again unless I requested them? JEANS! It felt like she needed one last thing, and jeans are a good filler item. They go with everything, after all. But I had already kept a pair of good every day jeans and a pair of skinny jeans (plus all the jeans I already owned), so I was good. And the stylist didn’t bother reading my history, or she didn’t care. Either one upsets me when I think about what I’m paying and all the time I spend providing feedback for this service.

So I didn’t keep anything. I providing (shockingly)(or not) honest feedback for each item when I rated them and filled out each notes section. Then I explained how disappointed I was – and mad about the jeans – in the overall experience section. I marked the box as “not personalized for me” and explained why (with the exception where she tried to fill the vest request). I immediately got a response from StitchFix asking me for more information, and I replied to that as well.

I have another Fix scheduled for the 16th. I’ve been adding pins to my Pinterest board for my stylist to see. I’m requesting dressier clothes that I can wear to work and specifically one fancy, sexy top to wear on dates. I sent a note to my stylists ahead of my box. I hope they listen. We’ll see, StitchFix. We’ll see.


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4 Responses to “My StitchFix mess.”

  1. thewhimsicalpeony Says:

    I must say I really liked your fix. The jacket, shoes and the elbow patches are all really cute. I can understand though when they don’t fit your need or just are not your style. It is a real bummer after getting excited over what is in that surprise box. Chin up next box will be a winner! =)

  2. Kathy Says:

    The vest is cute as is the dress but I think I would have sent it all back too. Bummed they don’t seem to actually keep in mind your feedback. Maybe March’s will be AMAZING.

  3. The Spring Break StitchFix. | Can't Get There From Here Says:

    […] getting to see both the unveiling and snap pics when I try on outfits. But after the disaster of the last Fix, I was worried what would show […]

  4. aliasullivan Says:

    I just tried Stitchfix and had the same problem! Did you try it again? I can’t decide if I want to because of that $20 service fee.

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