Auntie really are the best.

It was like Christmas. Jeff walked in last night with three huge packages in his arms. Two were for him (jerk) and one was for Bee. And it was in an OwlCrate box. The girl just stared at it at first. “Check the address,” she said from the kitchen. “I don’t get OwlCrates. It’s for Gracie.”

But it wasn’t. Auntie Kim had sent back the Persepolis book she had borrowed (Bee’s favorite book in the whole wide world) and had recycled an OwlCrate box to send it.


Best. package. ever. There was a scarf (that Bee immediately wore); a Cadbudy Crunchie bar to try; a To Do list (Bee immediately clasped it to her chest and my heart was all aflutter at her geek goals); the movie Boxcar Children (the younger Redhead is obsessed with Boxcar Children – I imagine she’ll watch it over and over); School of Rock DVD; Bee’s Persepolis book, and Maus, which made Bee puff with pride when I told her it was a graphic novel on most junior high required reading lists. Bee-girl was floating six inches off the ground when she saw all her goodies!

Kim isn’t the only fantastic auntie the girls are lucky to call their fairy godmother – Auntie Rhi is pretty goddang kickass, too. And today just happens to be Auntie Rhi’s birthday! So a special shoutout to the birthday girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RHI!!! I hope your cake is even more delicious for having to wait an extra day to eat it.

What lucky girls to have such people in their village. And what a lucky sister am I.


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2 Responses to “Auntie really are the best.”

  1. Kim Says:

    That Boxcar movie weirded me out, but it’s the same kind of animation as Bee’s friendship characters, so…

  2. Kathy Says:

    That is so VERY cool. You do have some lucky girls in your family.

    Happy Birthday Rhi!

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