Five for Friday.

Morning all! See what happens when you get nine hours of sleep two nights in a row? You feel all rested come Friday! It’s a Friday miracle, you guys!! Let’s take advantage.

1. Bee is having a very good week. She found out yesterday that she placed 2nd in the 4th grade in her reading benchmark test. I am so proud! Reading isn’t even her strongest subject. Just a year ago I was panicking and pulling my hair out because she was nearly flunking reading, and now she’s out to rule the world. Which is why I said yes when she asked if she could have ice cream for dessert last night (a treat usually reserved for weekends). She also found out that she was one of three 4th graders picked for Student Olympics in the Arts category. She was so proud when she told me that she was practically vibrating with excitement! And she should be. Art is that girls thing. She will spent hours pouring over fashion books and copying out models and outfits. Or doodling. I should look into art classes for the kid.

2. So Bee’s fantastic week makes this Thing a little less creepy, I suppose. As I was picking up my delicate flower from After Care on Monday, she told me she had finally figure out why this girl in her class keeps staring at her. Like, really staring at her. All. the. time. [Which, wth?! How creepy!! And how has Bee not mentioned that until Oh, I figured it out.?!] It turns out her friend [“Well…she’s not really my friend, but kind of.” Bless Bee’s caring heart.] was one mark away from being kicked out of school, and so she was staring at Bee because she said Bee is always getting green marks and smiley faces, so she was planning on just doing whatever Bee was doing. First, how much do I love that Bee has become that kid? She was so far from that person not that long ago. And the casual confidence when she described herself as one of The Kids To Emulate was endearing. Also, okay kind of sketchy that the girl is so close to getting kicked out, but she has some good survival instincts if she knows to find the “good kid” and just do what they do.

Dinner3. The weather has been fiiiiiine the past two weeks. Like, turn on the barbecue all weekend, every weekend, kind of fine. And so we’ve been throwing marinated beef kabobs into the regular rotation. The best thing about beef kabobs is beef kabobs. The second best thing about beef kabobs is leftover steak sandwiches. Steak marinated in Italian dressing, with some mayo on the bread, stuffed into hoagie rolls…. mmmm….



4. I heard a new song on the radio on the drive in called America’s Sweetheart by Elle King. I think it’s my new running jam. Speaking of running jams, I need to update my playlist. Hit me with your best songs!

5. I am bound and determined to have a good Friday. We’re either going out to dinner and then watching Bridge of Spies, orrrr we’re heading to Jeff’s box so he can do the first qualification round for the Annual Regional National Crossfit Championship Thing or whatever. That title might be slightly off. But we might do that and then grab some drinks. But the point is, fun will be had. And to make sure I start fun so I can end fun, I wore my Where the Wild Things Are socks. And they are fabulous.


Happy Friday, you guys!



One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Woot! Woot! Bee – so proud. That is super Friday news.

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