A little game we call Hungry Hungry Humans.


We all saw it make the rounds last fall – the Facebook meme that pitted four teams of two people against each other, armed with a laundry basket and charged with collecting as many balls (balloons, easter eggs, etc.) from the center of the mosh pit. You know – a real, live version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. We were all entranced. And crazy enough to do it.

Naturally, Kim gifted Corrie and I with all the necessary equipment as a joint Christmas gift. We just needed a warm, dry weekend so we could go out there and show the rest of the neighborhood just how insane we were!


Bee-girl’s rendering of how Hungry, Hungry Humans  would go down.

This weekend, we barely made a go of it. After a week of temps in the 70s and low 80s, a cold front moved through Sunday afternoon, right when we were supposed to meet with Corrie, John and the Redheads. Then Corrie got the flu and all looked lost for sure. But we rallied: the girls decided they would rather play with two teams than wait for our next shot, so off we went.

We loaded the supplies – four oversized wooden plant dollies; a bag of 150 plastic ballpit balls; and plastic laundry baskets – into the back of the car, and zipped over to the newly constructed park that’s sorta kinda near our running trail. In fact, the girls chickened out and rode in the car with Jeff, but the Xman and I ran all the way to the running trails, and then up to the parking lot and the new playground. Man – five-year-olds are fast!! I had to go full out at times!


Jeff and the girls had found a flattish part of the sidewalk for us to use, although we could have used the cul de sac if we had all four teams. We decided to play me and Gracie (with Gracie as the…um…hippo?) vs. Bee and Jeff. The girls splayed out with their bellies on their dolly and had their baskets at the ready. At go-time, the Xman released the bag of balls and then we started pushing our hippos out, and then reeling them back in. Or that’s what we were supposed to do. I was laughing too hard to get Gracie’s spaghetti-legs to do much good. Bee and Jeff beat us by a country mile. And yes, the few families at the playground were all staring at us. Too bad – all the fun hangs out in our yard. Then we mixed up the players so I could snap some pictures: Gracie was Bee’s handler, and Jeff maneuvered the Xman. That round was a bit disastrous because the girls were already arguing, and then Bee got dumped on her chin because she was yelling STOP! and Gracie wasn’t listening. Sigh. Then Bee and I played against Gracie and Jeff and we had a round close enough that we counted balls to declare a winner. It was the greatest, you guys!


By far, one of the more Ya-Ya-esque type adventures our family has enjoyed in a long time. And definitely one we’ll repeat!



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