The beating I sign up for every year.

Why can’t it be Tuesday again? Because yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday is a lot of fun. Fat Tuesday is my favorite. Lenty Wednesday? Okay, fine – Ash Wednesday? Not my favorite. Boo on you, Ash Wednesday.

I gave up chocolate again this year. Yes, chocolate. That fine food I mistakenly capitalized the first time I typed it because hello! That important! No mini-eggs today to help me combat the insanity at work. No Cadbury egg to help me wash the day away. No temptations to thicken my waist, either, but that’s one of the reasons I do this every year is it not?

Because I can’t say no. I see chocolate, I inhale it. I seek out chocolate. I bought 10 Cadbury eggs last week; half for me, and half to share. It’s no wonder I’ve put on a few pounds! So I use Lent as a tool to both appease the Universe and get me going in the right direction health-wise. Because chocolate adds up, calorie by calorie. And spring is starting to appear at the same time. So exchanging a daily run for chocolate is a very good jump start to carry over into summer. Right? Right!

Yeah, that bit about appeasing the Universe? So this whole Lent thing, it’s a thing Catholics do. Maybe a few other religions, too, I’m not sure. But I was raised Catholic, so I know they do it. I’m not really Catholic now. I haven’t been to church since I was a kid. I don’t practice any faith, really. I pray from time to time. I believe something is guiding the Universe. So I believe in a higher purpose of sorts. I’m not really sure what. So I choose to believe in the Universe. In karma. I think something out there is helping guide checks and balances. And I like to appease it from time to time. I have no idea if this works. In fact, it probably doesn’t, if you stop to look at it like you’re bribing the Universe. Yeah. Probably that doesn’t work. But I like to think it might. I think humbling yourself in front of whatever that force is, I think it does some good. And what could be more humbling than giving up something you love? Like CHOCOLATE.

So there is my crackpot Lenten sacrifice this year, and my crackpot beliefs behind why I choose to do it, even though I don’t consider myself Catholic anymore. It’s crazy – but then again, you all know that so am I.


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One Response to “The beating I sign up for every year.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Good luck momma! I know you survive the no chocolate thing every year. You, your are stronger than me. And maybe the universe blesses you for that.

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