Oh holy hole-y.

Sometimes, the universe is very, very good to me. See, last week, there was this hole. It wasn’t just a hole, it was a HOLE. A giant, car-sucking hole – I mean, a three-lane wide, destroying the entire westward-bound street kind of hole. It was massive, it was huge, and it showed up suddenly one morning as we were all driving to work.

It was Tuesday morning. And it was pitch black outside, as it usually is when I’m driving into work. I was pretty close to work, just coming to the rise of the hill before the highway interchange and then the few blocks to my building. I could see flashing blue lights on the opposite side of traffic, up closer to work. I thought someone had been pulled over. Being the looky-loo that I am, I kept an eye out when I got that far, but didn’t see anything. Hunh, I thought. Maybe they were finished and on their way before I got here. And then I saw all the construction vehicles. And, wait – were they redirecting traffic. Ohhhhhh holy motherfather! All of the traffic on the other side was trickling into one lane, and then being sent down sidestreets to navigate (somehow – there aren’t many options) around it. That is going to be a NIGHTMARE. Our metropolitan NBC station headquarters is here, American Airlines corporate headquarters is here, several hundred other businesses all use that main road to go westbound or to hook up with the highway and go north or south. Leaving work? It’s going to be impossible.

Luckily for me, I had a work-around. My side of the street has a secret back entrance – well, if you work for it. And you can use the secret back entrance to get to some side streets that eventually put you out at a red light that’s about a block past where O Holy Hole-y (and its residual traffic) was. But I wasn’t the only one using that light, and I still had a 15 minute delay. Better than the 45 minutes to an hour that sitting in the backup would cost me. So I left a little early from work so I wouldn’t be late picking up the childrens and I wondered how long that hole would be there.

Was it a sinkhole? An emergency construction project? I couldn’t find any information on it online. I wasn’t motivated enough to call DPW, so I just started at it in fascination when I went by, cruising eastbound, and said a prayer that it wouldn’t be months. Or years. Because nope.

Monday morning – yesterday – I sailed into work and then right before I left for lunch, it hit me: I hadn’t seen O Holy Hole-y or accompanying flashy lights, traffic cones, or construction tape on my way in. I asked my co-worker if O Holy Hole-y was….gone? At first she wasn’t sure, but then she remembered that she had driven westbound to go to lunch and had forgotten about O Holy Hole-y and that she shouldn’t have been able to. So it must be gone! Hallelujah! We decided they must have finished repairs over the weekend when traffic is just about non-existent. Honestly, we don’t even care when or why or how. Just so long as it’s gone and traffic is free again!

So there you go. The Universe was good to me. Sometimes in life, it’s all the little things that count.


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One Response to “Oh holy hole-y.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You have way too much weird excitement in your life.

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