Yes, he’s Super hungover (and a tad bit excited).

Jeff might never get over this game. Even Fenway just watched as the crazyman ran laps around the room, funnily (and unknowingly) mimicking what the girls and I were doing last year at this time as our team won the big game.

The Denver Broncos are Superbowl Champions. Peyton won his second ring in what probably will be his very last game.

It was emotional – not gonna lie. Tears were shed as he stepped off the field from his last series. The girls were a bit baffled, but I explained the great Brady/Manning rivalry and they got it, a bit. Soon it will be Brady’s turn and I will be a wreck.

But that’s later. Last night, we partied and we partied HARD!

There were barbecued wings, grilled ribs, and a baked ham for sammiches. We had chips, dips, Fritos, Doritos, popcorn, and Cornuts. There was a fruit platter with cream cheese marshmallow dip. The girls busted out ice cream at one point. It was a daylong feast from which we might not recover.

We introduced the boys to our family football pool. The squares are divided by fives until every gets a bunch of squares and they’re all assigned. Then we randomly pick the numbers for the top and the side, and then the teams. Jeff won the first quarter, Gracie won 2nd and 3rd (although there was so back and forth), and then Bee-girl (who hates football and had been jamming with her headphones on, making iTunes playlists on my laptop) won the final score. It was a blast!

So we survived another year. Jeff was nursing a bit of a hangover this morning, and Gracie – who was Jeff’s favorite partner-in-trouble during the game – had a mysterious rug burn and bruise on her side and rib area this morning. Gee, maybe it was from rough-housing, or jumping with the football onto the couch at full speed, or flipping backwards onto the couch, or throwing the football around in the house, or any number of things I pretended not to see. Who knows. I just know I had so much fun watching my gang enjoy the game and each other. I can’t wait for next year! Boooo offseason! And hooray for football!


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2 Responses to “Yes, he’s Super hungover (and a tad bit excited).”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love this! I am so glad everyone had a great time (even Bee). And, it is pretty awesome that Peyton got his second ring.

  2. Kim Says:

    You are the best mom ever for handing Bee those headphones. Glad Jeff got to see his guy get a ring.

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