Five for Friday.

Is it Friday? Really? I keep waiting for some thugs to jump out from behind nearby bushes, giggle at me, and yell “GOTCHA!” Because I am in desperate need of a Friday, it just feels like I’ve only blinked since we had our last one. That’s what happens when you’re under water, I suppose.

So what do we have going on today?

1. Friendship characters. When Kim was here during Christmas, Bee kept sneaking whacked out cartoons on the television in the living room. I think it was the night that Gracie was trying to wrestle her phone away from me and it became it all out run-around-the-house-giggling type of melee. In any case, there were My Little Ponies who were unicorns or something and Bee turned to Auntie Kim and derisively informed her that those were not My Little Ponies. They were Friend. Ship. Characters. So there. Which is why, I’m led to believe, we received a colored-in post-card from Auntie Kim addressed to Bee featuring two very large unicorns Friend. Ship. Characters. on the front. I maybe died with laughter.

2. Bee didn’t quite laugh as hard. She maybe narrowed her eyes and made plotty-plans as she drummed her fingertips together. I’m not allowed to say anything else. But I was given a postcard to put in the mail today. To Auntie Kim. Um… beware?

3. I got in a spot of trouble last night. The boyfriend, he likes to tease the kiddos and be more of the fun uncle than the parent. I am constantly having the remind them not to start messing around before bed, and he knows Gracie’s biggest struggle right now is actually going to bed when I tell her, instead of dragging out one more hug for us, the dog, and 33 inanimate objects along the way. Which is why when I had to yell/ask Jeff and Gracie last night what the rule was about wrestling before bed, after I had told Gracie to go get ready, I was pretty annoyed. Jeff was even more annoyed because I had treated him like a child. I argued that he was acting like one and that I shouldn’t have to enforce the no-wrestling-at-bedtime rule three times in one week. Jeff argued that he shouldn’t be yelled at like a kid, no matter how often he forgets.

4. I just finished Season 2 of Dexter. Holy Moses am I glad that crazy Brit is gone. And Rita is getting almost as snotty and annoying as Lila. Just me?

5. Everyone keeps asking me who I’m rooting for this weekend. Or if I’m going to boycott the game. No boycotts here; we’ll have the same giant party we always have for the Superbowl. And no, I’m not rooting for Carolina. If Peyton wastes this one last chance to get a ring after ruining our chances? I’ll be pissed. Seriously.

So there are my five things. Is it 5 o’clock yet? Now? What about now? Are you sure…?



2 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I NEEDED for five for Friday list today. Thank you! I’m with you on #3 but also with Jeff. Ummm, I agree and disagree and we say here in the office. But, I laughed. Ok, I laughed at #1, #2 and #3. And, I already knew #5.

  2. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) Says:

    I feel the same way about the Super Bowl today too. I want Peyton to get another ring so he can retire before he’s completely broken.

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