My Stitch-Fix Valentine’s box.

My fourth Stitch-Fix arrived yesterday, an entire day ahead of schedule. Huzzah! I had asked for a fancy red or plum shirt that I could wear out for Valentine’s Day, and I let my stylist know that I was good on jeans now that I had my shinny jeans and that delicious pair from my last box. So let’s see what she pulled together:

A maroon sweater with three-quarter sleeves that has a semi-sheer/crochet-covered back. Okay, I’m not a big fan of crochet on clothes, but it’s not the worst? Hmm. The color is great, though.


Hearts. I hate hearts. I love the neckline of the shirt, which, I know you can’t see well. It’s high with a band neckline that wraps around the neck. I’m sure there’s a word for such a thing; I just don’t know it. But even though that looks good on me, I probs won’t be keeping it because 80s HEARTS.


I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. The floral pattern is romantic, the fabric is swishy enough to flatter my waistline, and the cleavage is high enough that I could wear it out or to work. Score!

And then we had two accessory items: a gorgeous silver necklace with an adjustable length, and maroon flats covered in sparkles. They would both look nice with my dress!

Okay – the first moment of truth. I needed to try them on to see how everything worked. A lot of times I won’t like a piece and then it will look super-flattering on. Or, more often, I love a piece until I try it on and it doesn’t quite work for my body shape. So…

I loved the way this shirt fit. It felt fantastic! The problem is that I’m still not crazy about the crochet on the back. And if I don’t love an item, it probably isn’t worth keeping at StitchFix’s prices. Well…unless it’s the only item that doesn’t work, and then it’s actually free. But I’m getting ahead of myself.



The heart shirt looks fantastic on me! But…still hearts. Why couldn’t they be penguins or elephants or anything else, really? Also, the shirt needs to have a belt to cinch my waist or it doesn’t look right and this belt is the same one I wear with my black-and-white polka dots. The sleeves are different and the size/shape of the polka dots, but otherwise – same look. Not so sure I’m keeping this.


Love the way the dress felt and looked. The back is more of a V-shape, but not so low that I have to worry about what bra I wear. This is a great option for romantic dinners, dressy days at work, or even something a little more formal. Love the versatility!

And then you have the accessories. The shoes were size 6 1/2, and I might have tried on the 7s if I was in the store. They pinched just a bit across the top of my left foot, right at the widest point of my very wide feet. The shoes feel like the kind that will stretch, but do I want to count on that? The necklace is definitely a keeper – it goes with everything and I don’t own anything like it. Plus, I love the adjustable length! I can wear it with any kind of neckline.

So….argh! I don’t know what to do with this box! I need to play around with the pricing options on the Web site and make sure I’m not shooting myself in my wallet. But! I think…maybe…I’m leaning towards keeping the dress and the necklace. I might have kept the shoes, but at that point I might as well keep the entire box, and returning three things will save me $60. That’s totally what I should do. Right?


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5 Responses to “My Stitch-Fix Valentine’s box.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Ok, I know the crochet isn’t your thing, but…that sweater looks amazing on you! And can be worn with your awesome awesome jeans! And the detail on the back bumps it up from being a plain old sweater to being more special and unique! I would advocate keeping it – it’s actually my face piece from this box.

    And that’s just too bad about the shoes – they’re so cute! And work appropriate/fancy, even though they’re flats!

  2. beautytalk101 Says:

    I love the dress and necklace, but you are right! If you keep the shoes than you get the big discount. I get so indecisive all the time when it comes to stitch fix. Uhhrr.. Keep the dress , it looks good on you. Anyway (Happy Valentine’s Day) early! 🙂

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Shoe’s are the easiest thing to NOT wear EVER because they arent comfortable. So unless they’re super cheap or so amazing you wrote a separate post about them, then you dont need to keep them. but now you know you want maroon shoes to pair with things!

  4. Kathy Says:

    You have VERY wise sisters. Totally agree on the shoes and the sweater. It looks great on you! And the hearts have got to go.

  5. thewhimsicalpeony Says:

    I adore that heart print. I think it would look fab in a dress pattern to be honest, which is what I thought it was. Dress looks good on you and the necklace too. I love the color and sparkle of those flats but if your not loving something I wouldn’t keep it. I’m in this new phase of if I don’t “love” it it’s going back or going on the by/sell/trade list. Enjoy your valentines day sweetie in that dress!
    Peace, Love, Pashion,


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