Curtains: Take two.

Is it just me, or are curtains a giant pain the ass? There is very little nothing glamorous about curtains. Okay, yes, I can hear you – sometimes they do make or break a room. They can be statement pieces. Or, if you live in my kind of chaos, they end up being something the demondog chews up for a snack and then you have to spend actual time – time you could be spending on so many other things!! figuring out what to get to replace the curtains, and then spit out waytoomuch money paying for the curtains.

Like I said – curtains are a giant pain in the ass.

Which is why I spent most of the winter without any in the kitchen.

While I enjoyed the bright, natural sunlight that flowed into the back of the house, and the clean lines of the box window frames, dealing with the giant sun in your eyes during breakfast and dinner time was not any fun. And so my sister took to the Internets to find me new curtains. Because wasn’t any way I was getting to it any time soon!

Of all the possibilities she found, this one was our winner:


The Zigami Rod Pocket Back in grey, from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They were a tiny pit pricey at $35/panel, but I really liked the chevrons. And I liked that the material wasn’t sheer, but wasn’t too stiff either. I did not like that I had to order them online and couldn’t see what I was getting until I had it, but the store swore I could bring them back. So I ordered them.

They didn’t work.

The pattern seemed like it should work, but it ended up being way too busy in my little kitchen corner, when you added in all the cookbooks and knickknacks on the shelves, and then the painting on the wall, and my gallery art wall across from the window. It was a bit much. And so I was still curtainless. (The store was awesome about taking back the curtains, though, even though one of the packages was opened. And slightly rumpled in my attempts to refold.)

Take two. We had to look for curtains for the front room. The really pretty sheer ones we had in there were mostly torn in half (thanks, dogs), and Jeff’s friend (who owns a carpet cleaning business) is coming to do our rugs this weekend and I wasn’t letting anyone see the state of those miserable curtains. So: curtain shopping. And while we were out, I happened to see some that I thought would work in the kitchen. For only $16/panel.


Not what I would have picked out when facing all of the options, but I think they look pretty good up on the wall. I still need to iron out the wrinkles and fix the end of the curtain rod, but I’m pretty happy with the general flow. And I am wicked excited about not having the sunshine in my eyes every night, thank you.

Now all I have to do is keep all puppies far, far away. Seriously, Fenway – don’t even look at the curtains because I’m done with curtain shopping for the foreseeable future.



3 Responses to “Curtains: Take two.”

  1. Trish Says:

    We finally put blinds in all of our windows because I gave up on trying to find curtains. I like what you chose though it’s too bad the chevrons didn’t work! Have I ever tweeted you a picture of the “curtain” in Evie’s bedroom? I NEED to find a replacement but ugh–maybe your sister can shop for me, too. 😉

  2. Kathy Says:

    Curtains are totally a pain in the ass. I would still have my old tattered ones if Mom hadn’t decided I needed new. Bless her heart.

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    one time i bought black out curtains at target since im vampire in the morning and that house of creepers is so close to ours. but then i returned them because i decided i shouldnt spend money on anything extra like that. except i forgot two pannels and had to return them twice. and then i saw them on clearance and bought them but forgot a panel and had to get them again. and then they sat in my closet for a summer. now i have them up. oh and they match nothing. and to be honest the two different kinds i got (one patterned and one solid) don’t really match each other lol.

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