Five for Friday.

I am so in need of a Friday, you don’t even know! So much in a hurry to get this day going so I can get to the good part of Friday. But first:

1. I have read two really good books this week. I finished the phenomenal Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy that is indeed worth all the hype. And now I’m near the end of Jim Sheppard’s The Book of Aron, a World War II story about a down-on-his-luck Jewish boy growing up in the streets of Poland during the occupation. It’s amazingly written, and reminds me of Angela’s Ashes meets All the Light We Cannot See. I don’t know why more people weren’t talking about it last year – it’s definitely going to run deep into this year’s Tournament of Books.

2. I might have already talked about this (my god, memory – where have you gone?), but I am having so much fun with my TV life right now. I don’t know which is better: watching Lost with Gracie and watching her head pop off every time a plot twist is revealed (and you know how often they did that), or watching Dexter with Jeff after the girls are in bed. We’re in the middle of Season 3 of Lost – Jack and Sawyer and Kate are still with The Others – so things are about to get really weird and I might lose Gracie when that happens. She likes a good, semi-rational plot. Oh, and the Jack-and-Kate storyline. As for Dexter, the dialogue might not be all West Wing-y, but I am having a blast! We’re in Season 3, with the crazy British chick, and I’ve heard after this season is when it really takes off. Which is hard to imagine, because I am really loving it so far. Just sometimes I get a bit anxious about people getting caught doing things. Because you know – I get way too invested in fictional television, Katie! ahem.

3. Jeff has been given dominion over the garage because the poor guy just needed something to be in charge of and it was something I was willing to let go of. He’s put up a bunch of shelving units, and everything’s neatly stacked on them (more or less)(not that you can find anything because there’s no rhyme or reason). The bikes are off to one side, he’s moved some other things around to places I don’t think make the most sense but – hey, it’s his space. So this week he moved the trash and recycling off to the side of the house. Most of our neighbors do this, even though technically you aren’t supposed to leave them in view of the street. No one really enforces that rule. The problem is that now I can’t send the girls out to the big recycling bin in the garage with a wine bottle bigger box for the recycling bin. Because they’d have to put on their shoes and walk around to the side of the house. You could almost see the comprehension dawning on Jeff’s face the third time I sent him outside last night.

4. This week has been so ridiculous at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeNamed that I bought my co-worker and I Magic8 ball to help us with tough decisions. “Should I kill my other co-worker for not telling us about xyz?” “My sources say no.” Aw, shucks.

5. I finally finished my friend’s baby blanket this week (huzzah!) and have picked up one back up for another friend who is due in April. While rooting around for that baby blanket, I found a stocking kit that matches the ones I did for the girls. So if all my fertile (and pretty! love you!) friends could stop dropping sweet, sweet cuddlicious babies for just a few months, I can do a stocking for the Xman. He asked if I would make him one like the girls’ and now I can! Pre-planning (and over-shopping) for the win!

So there you have it folks. I have a day chock-a-block full of errands (pedicure, book stores, library visits…) tomorrow and we need to hurry and get me to it!


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