Quote of the day.

Saturday we were bumming around – Jeff had pulled his back for the second time in three weeks and I had a small kidney stone. So we were relaxing on the couch, fighting over the heating pad, and mostly watching movies. Gracie was hanging out with us, for the most part, while the two littles were in the front room playing.

I was amused that we had, by chance, finished The Martian, Matt Damon’s latest movie, and then immediately started Good Will Hunting, the movie that really put Damon on the map.

Oh – and it’s important to know that it tickles me all the way down to my toes that Gracie, with her brand new Radar for Boys, thinks Damon’s as hott as I do.

Me, marveling over the age difference of Matt Damons: Gracie, do you know who this is?
<I point towards Matt Damon janitoring the halls of MIT>
Me: You don’t know?
Gracie, stalling: ….Um ….Oh! Is he that guy from that movie there, Titanic?
Me: …No, Gracie, that is not Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic.

But that was pretty funny.



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