The Mondaying started awfully early around here.

I am so glad I was so exhausted last night. I, no kidding, was in bed before 8:30 p.m. (Huzzah for co-parents!) I was so tired I didn’t care whether Jeff handled bedtime or the girls put themselves down. I was tired. And so, I went to bed.

I remember waking up a little bit when Jeff came to bed around 11 p.m., but just enough to be upset. I remember sending up a quick prayer to the universe that he fell asleep quickly and didn’t do any of the tossing and turning that’s been happening all weekend. (See earlier comment about how exhausted I’ve been.)

I must have fallen right back asleep because the next thing I know, the neighbor’s dog sounded as if it was being killed right underneath our bedroom windows. It was about 1 a.m.

The dog seriously sounded as if something much larger than it was attacking it, although there wasn’t any snarling or anything. Just very loud, very anguished welping. My first thought was that maybe a person had gotten back there and was beating on it with a pipe. Jeff’s first thought was that it was Fenway, which explains why the first thing out of his mouth (as he processed what was happening) was that the security alarm was on. That was comforting. [Jeff still can’t believe that Fenway never once barked during the entire ordeal. I find it reassuring – Fenway will bark, but only if she’s outside and wants to join in the rumpus, or if someone is no kidding on her territory. Like that one time some idiot walked across our front yard in the middle of the night. The fact that she wasn’t barking was comforting.]

After a minute or two, the dog stopped welping in fear and pain, and started going nuts. I mean, they were pissed off and angry barks. And they weren’t stopping. Jeff and I couldn’t see anything out the windows or the back door. I went and looked out the front windows, and nothing was there either. Jeff (being much taller) was eventually able to see out of our bedroom window, up over the fence. Our neighbor’s car headlights were on – but no one was quieting the dog and not a single set of lights was on in their house.

Which is how we came to call the cops. I felt a little foolish, but the dog had been pissed off and barking at something for a good while now, and no one seemed to care. I just wanted someone to come by and shine their floodlights around the house, maybe get the owners to get the dog to shoosh if it was still going.

Jeff saw a different neighbor walk over at some point before the cops got there. And we did hear our neighbor outside talking to the dog not long after. (Of course.)

Still – what the man?!

It would have been over then, except when the two cop cars showed up, no one seemed in any hurry to leave. The way the houses are situated, we couldn’t see what was going on. We could just tell that their floodlight was pointed at the neighbor’s yard. Something must have been going on that was out of the ordinary, or the cops wouldn’t be hanging out with for more than twenty minutes. Certainly not both of them, not even on the slowest of nights. Not in our major metro area.

Eventually, I remembered that Bee’s bedroom is in front of the fence line. So I crept in there and peeked out of the window. And there stood one of the cops, shining his flashlight down on an animal, waiting for… well, I don’t know. Maybe for it to finish dying so he wouldn’t get attacked by a wounded animal? Who knows. It still seemed weird that two cops would stay put for a dying animal, certainly something small – anyone know if that’s policy? Were they waiting for animal control or something?

In any case, after an hour, hearts still pounding but somewhat convinced a burglar wasn’t going to try to hide in our yard or house, we decided to go back to bed. I was still shaken up, but I figured if two cops wanted to stand guard in front of my house all night, I was just fine with that decision.

Thank god I snuck in an extra hour or two of sleep – because I’m already missing that hour I lost to the neighbor’s stupid hellhound.


One Response to “The Mondaying started awfully early around here.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That is FREAKY. There is nothing more to say except I hope you slept well last night.

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