Read Harder Challenge: 2016

I’ve talked about this year’s Read Harder challenge, but haven’t really laid it all out for you guys yet. It’s sponsored again by the awesomely rad folks over at Book Riot. Basically, it’s a set of 24 reading challenges (which average out to two a month, so totally manageable even if you’re not a velocireader like me) designed to encourage you to read different authors, genres and topics than you would normally pick up. Like this:

Read a horror book.

Read a nonfiction book about science.

Read a book out loud to someone else. I’m in the middle of this challenge as I read Ready Player One to the girls.

Read a middle grade novel. Did you guys know Francisco X. Stork has a new book coming out?

Read a biography (not memoir) or autobiography. I read Hamilton this year during everyone’s #HamAlong. DONE

Read a dystopian or post-apocalyptic novel. I read Laura Van Den Berg’s Find Me earlier this month. DONE

Read a book originally published in the decade you were born. I have no idea how I’m going to find one other than opening book flaps, but I’ll figure it out.

Listen to an audiobook that has won an Audie Award. It’s easier for me to listen to audio books when I’ve already read the book because my mind tends to wander. So we’ll see.

Read a book over 500 pages long. Again, I could have counted Hamilton, but my own rules (not yours – mine) dictate I can’t use a book for more than one category.

Read a book under 100 pages. This is gonna be tough.

Read a book by or about a person that identifies as transgender.

Read a book that is set in the Middle East.

Read a book that is by an author from Southeast Asia. I am so sad India doesn’t count because The Bollywood Affair has been so high on my TBR for so long!

Read a book of historical fiction set before 1900.

Read the first book in a series by a person of color.

Read a non-superhero comic that debuted in the last three years. Not only did I smashread Noelle Stevenson’s Lumberjanes, but Bee is reading it too! I suspect she’ll be asking for Volumes 2 and 3 before long! DONE

Read a book that was adapted into a movie, then watch the movie. Debate which was better. So many to choose from!

Read a nonfiction book about feminism or dealing with feminist themes.

Read a book about religion (fiction or nonfiction).

Read a book about politics, in your country or another (fiction or nonfiction).

Read a food memoir.

Read a play.

Read a book with a main character that has a mental illness.

So you can see that I already have three challenges completed, and one in the works. But here’s the thing: I have something in mind. Something big, something kind of under wraps for now. So stay tuned!


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2 Responses to “Read Harder Challenge: 2016”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    I need help with a horror selection still!! And for food memoir I think we should read kitchen confidential together

  2. rachelleon Says:

    I love that you’ve mapped this out! I’ve read three so far and I have somewhat figured things out in my head, but am at a loss for some of them. The Bollywood Bride would count for the first book in a series by a person of color if you haven’t read that yet! And I love that you’re reading Ready Player One out loud. How fun!

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