Five for Friday.

Good morning, everyone! Who’s ready for Divisional Round Weekend?! Okay, okay – there are a few things going on besides football. Let’s see if we can think of a few.

FridgeMagnets1. I got a set of fridge magnets for Christmas. They’re letterbox-style letters (who’da thunk it?) and while my sister may be pessimistic thinking the habit is going to drop, we keep changing the saying. It started with “Other worlds than these…” and then we had “I Am Legend” for awhile, as well as a few others. Gracie likes to mix them up and make other phrases out of them. (Which is why there was “I Am Legend, Damnit!” for awhile. Truth.) It’s been fun. And yes, we’re only three weeks into our new pastime, but once you get the kids involved…

2. Go ahead and guess what book we’ve been reading out loud as a family? Anyone who guessed Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One wins a free pair of haptic gloves and a chance to join in the fun at Oasis. Bee and Gracie have been loving listening. The chapters are a little short (I think) for just one, but too long to double up, so we usually have one kid (Bee) begging me for another and the other (Gracie) telling me she’s had enough.

3. Which is funny because both kids are also hooked on Lost right now and Gracie falls over and dies with each cliffhanger ending and Bee is more than ready to go do something else. They may be sisters; they may be best friends; but they are certainly always going in their own directions!

4. The Xman declared he was too old for his blankie last weekend, because he was turning FIVE. (He didn’t turn FIVE until Tuesday, but we didn’t mention that technicality.) We went with his declaration and of course then he was sad at bedtime, but he did it! With minimal fuss! I was expecting him to get out of bed at least once, if not a couple times. Instead, he rode it out like a champ. Or fell asleep in two seconds. Meh meh meh. Of course, his mom immediately noticed Blue was missing from the Xman’s bag when we packed him up, so heaven knows if there’s been a relapse this week. I guess we’ll see how this weekend goes!

5. As for my plans for this weekend, it’s time for another 24-in-48 readathon! Woot!! Starting tonight (because either I bend Rachel’s rules or make my own – whichever), I start devouring books and see how many I finish in a weekend. It’s much easier to keep to the rules than during Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon because all I have to do is hit 24 hours of reading this weekend. And I have some fun books to dive into! If I don’t finish This Is Where It Ends at lunch, that will be first up. I have my sights on Junot Diaz’s Drown. And on Julie Murphy’s Dumpling. And somewhere in there I might throw SK’s Wizard and Glass on audio and listen while I’m doing stuff. Because no matter how many times I remind Jeff that I have my readathon this weekend, he will still walk around like a rudderless ship if I don’t do at least one thing with him. Here’s hoping it’s something that can be done with a little audio going on.

What about you guys? What do you have planned for this weekend? Are you joining us for a little #24in48?


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    You’ll love Drown, I’m sure – can’t wait to discuss!

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