Five for Friday.

Good morning, everybody. I very nearly made this a gratitude list, and you’ll see why, but instead I decided to let loose the random things that have been flying around in my mind. If for no other reason than I find if I let the canaries loose when they clamor, they make much less of a ruckus and then I can finally think. So! My five:

1. Jeff and I finished our West Wing marathon and then watched a metric ton of WWII documentaries. We tried Man in the High Castle, but that didn’t work. Then we tried House of Cards, which he liked but I found cold. (Even though I adore Kevin Spacey and he was pretty Kevin Spaceyish, addressing the camera and such.) We finally settled on Dexter. Yes, I am the last human on Earth who hasn’t seen it. But I adore it and we’re half a season in already, so the “problem” should be entirely rectified in the near future.

2. The Xman’s birthday party is tomorrow at the science museum. Pray for me.

3. The cast recording for Hamilton: The Musical knocked my flippin’ socks off! I mean – WOW. If we could approach all of history and literature in such a way, so many more kids would connect, could find a way in, find a piece that felt like their own. The girls adored the music, as well, and Gracie has been asking me every time she climbs into the car if I can find certain pieces. It’s two discs with 23 tracks each – mostly she gets to listen to it in order.

4. I have been reading so many good books lately! I’m five books in and going strong! I’ll have mini-reviews up next week, but suffice it to say that Hamilton stood up well to a re-read; Jandy Nelson’s The Sky Is Everywhere nearly made me cry every chapter because girl gets grief in important ways; and if I don’t finish My Grandmother Said To Tell You She’s Sorry soon, I’m going to weep real tears of frustration. The book is one of the best I’ve ever read and I basically want to be Granny when I grow up. God bless Best Of lists or I never would have found it!

5. One of my co-workers was missing for two days and was found un-alive yesterday at her apartment. It was sudden and we’re all sort of reeling from it. The whole thing is crazytown bananapants and hoo boy. People are talking.

So. Remember to be kind. Update your emergency contact info. And have a fantastic day today, because life is short you guys. Fill it with books, fill it with adventure, fill it with laughter. Just be sure to grab your life by its ears and fill it with something. With so much more than just five things.


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